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Meet Krissy

I scale businesses, refine and develop branding, and coach entrepreneurs. I’m the tough business coach that pushes clients to their full potential. I’ve consulted in every business setting with a number of entrepreneurs:

In hair salons with hair stylists

Local coffee shops

Group settings

Studio sessions with rappers,

At home with friends, wine, and trap music until 3 in the morning…


I adapt to the entrepreneur, technology, and business needs. I live and thrive in LA and my lifestyle is based in my businesses, clients, and family. Remember, we can’t go anywhere if we don’t know why we’re here and where we need to be and I outline the plan.


When it comes to business I have to evaluate where the business stands with honesty and openness. Create a plan of action to see how we’re going to help you reach the goals of scaling your business/ brand. Let me explain what scaling your business is. Some businesses focus solely on profit growth (year after year) while others scale. Scaling is to not only increase profit but expand the over all business in multiple areas (think getting tall vs. getting tall and a ripped body):

  • Sales growth, client experience and retention
  • Invest in technology and security 
  • Leverage and embrace SEO techniques
  • Connect with influential fans
  • Imagery and brand culture
  • Time and budget efficiency
  • Use techniques used by large companies to leverage small brands

*Birdman hand rub* I love working with ambitious women! Theses are women that see a ton of challenges but also the paths of success. Women that don’t take no but can also set boundaries and clear expectations. Communication is key and we can win and get this money together!

I love working on both sides. Coaching in group or individually sessions creating a clear blueprint to expand and grow business works just fine for those that are in a position to get the work done or delegating it to be completed on schedule. It does not work for those that aren’t ready to take the dive. We have to bury those excuses and get the work done and save money doing it right the first time.

Our in-house services allows you to essentially sit back and relax. I know that’s almost never heard of these days. During our consultation we’ll outline what the business needs and our team will execute the brand’s expansion. We have a host of services and packages that allow clients to just ride in the passenger seat without having to scale everything themselves. Free time not attached to a computer working with an experienced team that’s worked with some of the most well known ecommerces is great for those that are hands-off.

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