10 Commandments of Natural Hair Moisturization



When it comes to hair care dryness is listed as one of the top concerns for Black women, especially for those of us with natural hair. Hair dryness can steam from multiple reason and cause some serious damage. Dryness can lead to breakage, split ends, and make styling even harder. I’m going to share the 10 commandments of natural hair moisturization. No one wants dry lifeless hair and no one wants to be in constant hair repair mode, so let’s get your hair together right now. If you have a method you use to lock in moisture feel free to leave it in the comments and add some hair pics or the products you use. I truly feel like hair is personal and know that no 2 heads of hair are the same, but there’s some amazing information and products out there to get us on track.

Leave-in conditioner does not moisturize, it conditions to make hair softer and manageable and can even be used to style natural hair. A product can be a moisturizing leave-in or even a protein enriched leave-in and it can come in the form of a cream, aerosol spray, or liquid.

top leave-ins

Kinky Curly Knot Today // Cantu Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream // Lotta Body  Moisturize Me Curl and Style Milk

Never start with hair that’s dirty or has product build-up from too many co-washes. Hair needs to be clean to receive these blessings and if it’s being blocked by build up it can’t receive it. I prefer stimulating shampoos since my concern is growth by way of scalp stimulation but moisturizing shampoos play a leading role too.

top cleansers

Kinky Curly Come Clean // Trader Joe’s tree Tingle with Mint Shampoo

Start with dry hair doesn’t help either. Hydration is KEY! Water does moisturize but it can also cause excessive dryness if you don’t lock it in with a moisturizer. I typically keep an empty spray bottle and fill it with water and essential oils to hydrate when I’m starting with clean but dry hair. Steaming is another form of hydration.

top hydrators

Purified Water // Aloe Vera Spray // Q-Redew

Find the layering method that works for you. I’ve always done leave-in over hydrated hair followed by an oil on my ends and grease on my scalp, unless I’m using a butter creme like Beautiful Textures Butter Creme

layering method i love

hydration // cream // oil or grease OR hydration // oil // cream

Don’t wait until you need a haircut to get your ends trimmed. I think hairstylists often get a bad rap for trimming ends, often accused of cutting off too much hair. But I think some of the blame could be given to us consumers that have grossly neglected to take care of our ends regularly.

regular professional trim

licensed hairstylists

Avoid fabrics and material that cause dryness; cotton pillowcases, cotton scarves (even those bananas we love), terry cloth towels are all common culprits. Ditch ’em! They’re causing dryness and we don’t need that. Switch to silk pillow cases and scarves that help retain moisture. When washing your hair instead of fluffy bath towel, use a jersey knit t-shirt. If you can, avoid drying your hair all together that would be even better, but definitely protect your hair at night.

avoid drying fabrics and material

silk pillowcase // jersey knit tees // satin bonnets and scarves

Understand the difference between dull hair and dry hair. Some hair types naturally appear dull in color. This doesn’t mean you hair is lacking moisture; color and moisture aren’t the same. This could seem obvious to many but with brands also marketing shine products people often assumes this means moisture. In many cases they can be used to seal moisture.

“shine” products are not moisturizers

Listen Evaluate your hair and make sure you indeed have dry hair. Damaged hair is hair that has been moderately (or even severely) damaged due to sun/ wind exposure, heat tools & styling, over washing (stripping away the moisture and lubrication your hair and scalp needs to be healthy). Dryness needs moisture, damaged hair needs repair not limited to moisture.

my favorite products to help repair damaged hair

one n only argan oil restorative masque // nexxus promend // macadamia nut oil deep repair masque // olaplex hair perfector #3

It’s totally normal to re-moisturize as often as needed. I re-moisturize in some form of another every few days. Once you know what works and your hair is as juicy as it can be you’ll want to maintain it. How often you re-moisturize depends on your hair care needs and no 2 heads, climates, diets, regimens, DNA, and genetics are the same. So it’s okay to not follow someone’s recommendation to moisturize X number of days if you hair needs it. What you should be noticing is improvement. If it doesn’t seem like anything’s working and your hair is still just as dry as when you started this journey you could be missing a step or it could be time to see a professional.

reapply as needed

doo gro mega thick growth oil // oyin handmade frank juice leave-in // pink hair lotion

It really does start from within. Keep your body hydrated and make sure you incorporate omega-3s from fish, healthy nuts, flaxseed oil, by eating fresh foods using a supplement if needed. Also don’t be afraid to read books on Black hair care. One of my favorites is The Science of Black Hair which should be a required textbook in

eat fresh and take supplements as needed

prenatal gummies // omega-3 fish oil // the science of black hair

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