10 Uses for Body Spray


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I’m a perfume girl but I still manage to collect countless bottles of body spray.  Those small cheap bottles near the register are hard to resist!  Then I get them as gifts along with matching lotions and creams.  Not to mention you’re guaranteed to stock up during a semi-annual sell.  Sometimes I wonder how the hell did this happen?  I often wonder if other girls have the same issue.  My boyfriend even asked “why do you keep buying that stuff, you can never use it all.”  He’s right!  So here are a few ways to can put those bottles to good use.


1.  Air Freshener for the restroom.  It’s more discreet than aerosol air fresheners and you can keep small bottles in your bag to use in public (if you’re that type of gal).

2.  Linen spray for sheets and bedding.

3.  Hair mist.

4.  Make your own fragrance combinations.

5.  Spray dried flowers and make satchels for your drawers.

6.  Spray a handkerchief and use it as a dryer sheet.

7.  Spray your hair brush and brush your extensions for storage.

8.  Re-bottle large bottles, add a tag with a note, and include it with gifts.

9.  Car freshener.

10.  When in doubt re-gift it or sell it online.

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