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Dove Pistachio Cream and Magnolia Purely Pampering Body Wash Pictures and Review
I spotted the new Dove Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash and Beauty Bar in Target a month ago but couldn’t tell how new it was. I honestly think I grabbed a rogue bottle because the pistachio was so pronounced and overwhelming, my friends and I placed it back on the shelf. I should have grabbed a different bottle because the sample that came in is by far the best specialty scent that Dove has created to date.

The unusual paring of creamy pistachio and floral magnolia is a match made in heaven; it’s one of those scents that will throw you for a loop and asking “what is this”. When you wash with the body wash the creamy pistachio is more noticeable but the magnolia lingers longer when washed away. A few friends have already been using it and love it. I’m pretty late to the party on this one. There’s a body care store that uses peas in a scented candle and it smells lovely as well although you might find better options at https://www.laurelandwolf.com/blogs/best-scented-candles. Nonetheless, I love this trend of pairing unusual food scents with well-loved flowers.

Another member has also joined the Dove collection of body washes; Dove Créme Nourishing Body Wash. This is the one I was the most nervous to use. I tried a really rich/ ultra-moisturizing body wash from a different brand and was so disappointed. It made me leery of all others with the same concept. It was so rich it didn’t clean well and it felt like I had applied location on dirty skin. It was no surprise that I didn’t have that experience with Dove. This body wash glides around your body and doesn’t leave you dry and tight. It feels like a kicked up version of the classic body wash and great for my dry skin. The only downside is that you don’t get as much product while paying nearly the same price as the classic formula, still worth grabbing a bottle to treat yourself. For some it may even be moisturizing enough to use a lightweight daily lotion or even skip moisturizing (at night).

Last but not least, we have the new Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. Not much to say here. It makes my pits feel nice and smooth and I love the re-launch of the “Pitacure” campaign Dove is doing with the release but it’s strange. It worked like a charm the first week, and then I started smelling a little funky mid-day. I guess it could very well just be my body’s chemistry but I ended up just using it at night and to touch up before the gym. I didn’t take the 48hr test because I couldn’t get pass 24hrs. It isn’t one that I would go out and purchase because it didn’t work as well as others in the same price range. If you’re wondering what a “Pitacure” is, it’s when you regularly exfoliate under your arms to get rid of dead skin.

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