5 Blogging Habits to Break


five blogging habits to break
Not consistently blogging.

Sure we all blog on our own terms and it’s up to us to decide how frequently we blog. But life happens and you go from blogging daily to weekly to every other week to just blogging when the mood hits. When you’ve taken the time to locate the right web hosting for you at https://www.hostiserver.com/ and taken so much time to research your niche, it would be a shame to see it all go to waste. Readers notice and it’s the fastest way to drive traffic down. Think about it… how many times would you visit a site that hasn’t had a post in weeks? Evently you stop visiting. Lifestyle writers like Compt-Aam write about a whole variety of subjects that fall under the lifestyle umbrella so, even if they’re not feeling like writing about fitness, they might write about home decor instead, so a variety of topics might be a good way to stop any slump in posts. If you have set goals try to stick to them, have realistic goals that leaves from life’s mishaps, just those goals accordingly. You can also let readers know your schedule so they’ll know when to expect new posts.

You’re waiting… for everything!

You’re waiting for readers to discover your blog. You’re waiting to find the right wordpress drag and drop builders. You’re waiting for brands to contact you because of your wonderful review. You’re waiting on PR companies to contact you to build a relationship. You have to put yourself out there. It’s all about networking and building relationships but you can’t wait for it happen for you.

You’re too comfortable.

Blogging dynamics often change and it feels like every year readers expect some amount of growth. For example, it used to be all about how fast you can post a review, swatches, or even a press release. Everything was about speed and accuracy. Readers no desire more in-depth posts even if they’re not posted as fast. They’re willing to wait a tad longer for the great information. Hold a focus group with people that fit your demo to see if you’re headed in the right direction. Does your blog’s aesthetic fit today’s reader?

You’re not comparing yourself

Yes, not comparing yourself. I believe in fair healthy competition and the only way you’ll know what’s going on is if you determine who the players are. I don’t see an issue with it because I know the difference between having a pity party and knowing when to push myself to do better. This also doesn’t always apply to the content on other blogs but any website maintenance they may have done or any new marketing strategies they’ve put in place as well. After all, in this very competitive and heavily saturated industry of bloggers, you need your web page to stand out and you can’t solely rely on your content to encourage readers to return. It’s likely that a lot of bloggers are visiting sites like https://victoriousseo.com/markets/seo-reseller/ for their SEO needs if they’re not doing it themselves. SEO can make your blog much more visible online by helping you rank higher in search engine results pages as well as encourage you to be more competitive in your niche. Even if you’re not okay with comparing yourself to others you can compare last year’s work this year’s. I always like to look back at work I did in the past to see how it was received by readers if I could have done a better job, and see if I’m headed in the right direction or need to revisit old ways and habits.

The thirst is real.

You only want paid opportunities and product samples. This might be good for your pockets but bad for your brand. I don’t think any reader wants to feel like they’re only here to help you get a paycheck and evently they check out. For beauty bloggers the best way to dilute your influence is to only accept product samples. It also keeps you out of stores. Always keep yourself in the know. Know which stores are best to shop at, know which locations have the best employees, seek out great products that might not have a large presence on social media.

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