15 Gifts Dad Actually Wants for Father’s Day + L’Occitane Cedrat for Men Collection


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Making its debut in February 2015, L’Occitne Cedrat Collection is a masculine array of citrus fruits and wood.  If you found the Cade collection to be too woodsy then Cedrat will be right up your alley.  With it’s bright notes instantly awaking your senses and cedar and cashmere wood to draw you right back in it’s a great edition to L’Occtiane’s growing men’s collection.  I learn towards more citrus and aquatic notes when it comes to men’s fragrances to it comes as no surprise that this collection is working its way up to the top of my list.  What makes Cedrat stand out the most is that it’s overwhelmingly crisp and it has great balance.  A guy can wear this without it being too sporty or casual and it makes for a great daytime scent.

I think we tend to be selfish when it comes to selecting the perfect fragrance for men, well they share the blame.  They don’t put forth much effort and loves whatever we like and buy for them.  We should consider their personalities and get them evolved more in the process.  I think it could made for some pretty interesting conversation.  Cedrat would be perfect for my father.  He’s does a lot of urban farming and has been a pescetarian all of my life.  I’ve only seen him in ripped jeans and t-shirts.  In fact he’s a cologne only on really special occasions type of guy so Cedrat would be perfect.

Notes include bergamot, cedrat (citron), nutmeg, blue ginger, cedar and cashmere wood.

Collection includes:

L’Occitane Cedrat soap, 100 g
L’Occitane Cedrat hair and shower gel, 250 ml
L’Occitane Cedrat stick deodorant, 75 g
L’Occitane Cedrat pure cleanser, 150 ml
L’Occitane Cedrat global face gel, 50 ml
L’Occitane Cedrat shaving gel, 150 ml
L’Occitane Cedrat after shave cream gel, 75 ml


15 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

  1. Day fishing trip [Search your local Port of Calls]
  2. Comfy slippers [various slippers]
  3. A FitBit [FitBit Charge HR $149.06]
  4. New grilling accessories  [Grilling kit $59.99]
  5. Wrist watch [Michael Korrs $275.00]
  6. Leather wallet [Ferragamo $199.00]
  7. Black leather belt [Burberry $140.00]
  8. Beard kit [Tree Ranger $200.00]
  9. Foreo Luna Cleansing System [Luna $199.00]
  10. The Art of Shaving Kit [The Art of Shaving $120.00]
  11. Drinking Glass Set [Drink A Diamond $34.99]
  12. Cooking apron [Dad Apron $24.00]
  13. Pour over coffeemaker [ Pour over coffeemaker $35.00]
  14. Golf shorts [Nike $39.00]
  15. Bucket hat [Raiders $29.00]

fathers day gift ideas

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