Those Beauty Blender Dupes You See May Not Be Worth The Time and Coins


Beauty Blender Dupe
Beauty Blender Dupe

Beauty Blender Dupe

Sorry for the misleading title but this dupe is a major bust.  The internet has been going crazy with these beauty sponges that have identical shapes of the Beauty Blender (as well as the Mehron Face Smoothie).  Yes, the colors are adorable; pink, baby blue, mint green, pink, purple, peach.  They’re only $2-$15 which in comparison to the $20 Beauty Blender it is pretty alluring.  But in all honestly these are not dupes of Beauty Blenders.  Unless you just want to test the waters when it comes to beauty sponges I wouldn’t advise investing in these for few vital reasons to consider.  Now if you have intermediate beauty skills and back up brushes and sponges, you will be able to work with these.  You may not love them but you will be able to work with them.

  • The main reason people love the Beauty Blender is because it’s soft and gives the skin a nice airbrushed finish.  You can pounce that baby on the skin and muah…blended foundation to the gods.  With the cheap sponges they’re so dense the product is being stamped on your face.

  • Since the product is being stamped on your face this results in having to spend more time on your makeup routine and it doesn’t give the look you want to achieve.

  • They take forever to clean and even longer to dry because it soaks up everything.  Hate to bring up the density issue, but once again this causes an issue because it’s too hard to apply product yet soaks up liquid like crazy.  It doesn’t expand much, just absorbs a huge amount of water and can’t dry quickly because of it.  You’ll be rinsing the soap out of these sponges all night.


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