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beauty press spotlight day
Last week I had the pleasure of attending beautypress first Spotlight Day here in Los Angeles. Beautypess is one of the largest PR network for the beauty industry and back with when I started Addicted to All Things Pretty back in 2009 is was the first network I joined. Establishing business relationships when you first launch a website is pretty challenging and often very driven by numbers but beautypress has created a free central hub for press releases directly from brands you love (and some you’ve never heard of but time to get familiar with) for every beauty category you can imagine and anyone can register. You have access to hi-res images, brand portfolios with PR contacts, and can also sign up for email alerts to keep you in-the-know.

The event was intimate and consisted of around 10 brands and over 70 beauty editors. 10 brands may not seem like many but you have to keep in mind you’re speaking with PR & social media reps, product developers, and even the owners in many cases. I want to cover the brands that really stood out to me and introduce you them if you’re not already familiar with them.


Mirabella – I’ve heard of Mirabella over the years but I all honesty I assumed they were WOC friendly based upon the many of the images I’ve seen. They actually do have a wide foundation shade with several deep shades for women of color. I got the chance to speak with Mirabella’s creative director, Amber Bowen about their new Faerie holiday collection which consist of 4 pieces; Myth visionary eyeshadow, Swirling Pearl Brilliant Mineral Powder, Color Luxe Lip gloss in Gossamer and Luminosity. I was impressed with the Prismatech technology behind the Swirling Pearl Brilliant mineral powder which is a super silky powder that feels like a cream but as light as a baked powder. This highlight looks like fairy (or should we say faerie) dust because of the soft pink color and clear shimmer.

Now I can count on 1 hand how many travel brushes I own and out of the 2 full drawers of makeup brushes I own it’s only 1 set. I often find that the quality has been drastically reduced to accommodate the price reduction but with this set they kept the quality and craftsmanship the same and only eliminate the ferrule. Not only do they feel amazing so you want to reach for them all the time but they’re also pretty so you want to take pictures of them all the time.


Stemology – Most of their product line features SteamCore-3 which is propriety technology to help build collagen and rejuvenate skin with all-natural stem cell extract that is ethically prepared and contains no DNA or stem cell matter. I was worried for a second so I had to ask lol. I’ve only been using Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete for a little under a week and while I’m not able to say if it’s working I can say my eye area doesn’t look puffy or as dark and no eczema reaction (which in general only takes 1 day to show when testing new eye creams… hence the reason I don’t do it often).



Mirabella Brilliant Mineral Highlighting Powder in Swirling Pearl ingredients

Mirabella Brilliant Mineral Highlighting Powder in Swirling Pearl swatches

Mirabella Travel Brush Set

Stemology Cell Revive eye Serum Complete with SteamCore-3

Stemology Cell Revive eye Serum Complete ingredients

beauty press spotlight day


EvolutionMan – Created by celebrity groomer, Marco Berardini created the line to help men with their grooming needs. It truly is an effortless brand men can enjoy without feeling like they’re using products. The packaging is matte black with modern squared shaped bottle instead of the round bottles we typically see. Marco was a pleasure to speak with his candor and pride in the brand really stood out. He also has perfect hair and skin so he’s on to something.


It Hair Care – It Hair Care has been around forever and can be found in a lot of drug stores and mass market retailers. Their goal is to brig high quality products to the everyday woman at a low price and from of the quick testing I’ve done I can say they’ve nailed it. That explains why they’ve been around since the 70’s yet are still keeping with today’s trends and incorporating modern sleep packaging.


Styli-Style – They’re back! Back in the day Styli-Style were the go-to drugstore eyeliners. Well known for their pigmentation, wearability, availability, and affordable prices they quickly became of a makeup lover’s best friend. Shortly after I was hooked I could never find them in stores. They’ve recently re-launched and are working on some really good products. They’re not back in drugstores just yet but they’re working on it. In the meantime you can order from their website.


Cailyn Cosmetics – If you’ve ever attended a makeup show or expo I’m pretty sure you’ve seen Cailyn Cosmetics. Their pigments are so underrated! You only need a small amount of product for coverage, the color range is impressive and for the most part their products are affordable. They tend to stay on trend and recently released the O! WOW Brush and now Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint. From what I understand these still in the final production phases so they’re not on the website yet. In the meantime, I decided to post swatches of the matte tint (in color #3) and Brown Smokey (3 pc set) and Diva (3 pc set).


Evolution Man Shave Cream and Body Wash

It Haircare Mega Freeze, Glitter Spray, Surf Spray

Styli-Style Stylus Liquid Eye Liner, TWIST & SHARP - SELF-SHARPENING EYELINER, Glide-On Highlight Stick in Champagne

Styli-Style Glide-On Highlight Stick in Champagne

Styli-Style Stylus Liquid Eye Liner

Styli-Style Stylus Liquid Eye Liner, TWIST & SHARP - SELF-SHARPENING EYELINER, Glide-On Highlight Stick in Champagne


Cailyn Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint in #3 and Mineral Eyeshadow Powder

Mineral Eyeshadow Powder

Mineral Eyeshadow Powder

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