Ben Nye’s $13 Mojave Contour Palette for Deep Skin Tones


ben nye mojave contour wheel csk-31 (1)
ben nye mojave contour wheel csk-31 (2)

ben nye mojave contour wheel csk-31 (3)

ben nye mojave contour wheel csk-31 (4)

ben nye mojave contour wheel csk-31 (6)

Ben Nye Mojave Wheel CSK-31 ($13.00/ 0.5 oz) is described as a contour wheel for deep skin tones.  Designed to fit in the palm of your hands using the Ben Nye MediaPRO formula for a natural flawless finish.

Shades include:

SC-16 deep red *adjuster shade

SC-8 golden yellow *adjuster shade

CS-6 midnite brown

SC-4 medium brown


Give a girl less options and watch her freak out!  When I bought this palette at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium a year ago I didn’t give it a second guess but once I got it home I was overwhelmed because it was so pigmented and takes some serious skills to use.  Most consumer contour palettes give you the option of different undertones but when you can adjust your own as you need it can save you a nice amount of money.  If you’re dark to deep skin toned I can’t see a reason you couldn’t contour with this palette and adjust the tone accordingly.  If you just want a single contour shade (I know many of you have your eyes on S-6 midnite brown and SC-4 medium brown) you can grab a pan single pan for around $6.00.

So now that we’ve talked about how beautiful these colors are lets talk about this kick ass formula!  These photos aren’t edited whatsoever and look how beautiful they photograph!  They blend like a dream… all consistent across the board and dry down to a nice semi-matte almost matte finish but still easy to work with until you go to set it with a little powder.  The’re super pigmented and you’ll have enough product for a long time, some estimate nearly 300 uses.  They also have lighter shades available in case this one is too deep and you can see swatches of SK-3 (correct and tone) and TK-4 (for olive and medium deep tones) here.

ben nye conceal and contour wheels

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