Best Base Coats for All Nail Issues


Best Base Coats for All Nails
Base Coats never get the love and attention they deserve.  Now topcoats on the other hand get all the love.  Never understood why when the foundation of just about anything and everything sets the tone for things to follow.  I generally keep all of these base coats in my arsenal at all times because I’m a product junkie the condition of my nails changes so often.  I’ll go into more details about this below.

Spoiler alert:  I don’t like CND Sticky. It does nothing for the conditions of my nails and doesn’t perform well for me no matter how often I revisit it.


Nina Ultra Pro Base Coat – A great base slightly sticky base coat

Nubar Foundation Base Coat – It seems like I get the best wear with this one, every time I place a Nubar order or shop at their showroom

Seche Vite Rebuild – This base coat has some real deal proteins to make your nail strong but just like hair, too much protein can cause breakage or in this case peeling or cracking.  This one comes in handy when you’re fresh out of acrylics and my nails need some TLC but it has too much strength to use frequently.

Jessica Bend Don’t Break – Sometimes nails can be to brittle and the best solution (assuming it’s not a health related issue) is a base coat that helps with flexibility.  This one is great for pedicures as well.

Milani Base Coat – Milani has a great base coat and topcoat but it’s often sold out.  It really is one of the best drugstore base coats if your nails don’t require much.

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