Best Polish Topcoats


Best Polish Topcoats
We all look for something different in a topcoat.  My personal preference are formulas that are fast drying, great shine, and sometimes I like the thick side depending on the formula of the nail polish I’m using and how many coats of polish I’ve had to use.  Having thinner and thicker lacquered topcoats on hand at all times is a must because you want to make sure that whatever color you’re wearing it’s going to last an be shiny until you take it off.  No one likes to sit all day waiting on their nails to dry.  I shared some tips to keeping your nail polish chip-free here and now I’m sharing my favorite topcoats.

From left to right

from most favorite to least favorite

which is also from thinnest to thickest:


NYC Extra Shiny Topcoat

Rimmel London Ultra Shine Topcoat

Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Topcoat

INM Out the Door Topcoat

Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat

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