Is Blac Chyna MAC Cosmetics latest ambassador?

Finally!! Some new MAC fragrances and just in time for the holidays. I actually saw Blac Chyna’s stunning Instagram post before I had a chance to check my email with official details. I was excited to see her announced as the new MAC ambassador. Rob congratulated his wife-to-be & new mom and the news hit every blog I can think of.
But once I started reading the caption, which in my opinion reads like a well-written copy that was written or edited by the brand it seem like this could be a case of us reading into this new partnership a little too much. When the official details were released by MAC it failed to mention her. There’s zero mention of her as a new ambassador or a high quality . Now I’ve seen my share of MAC hiccups but nothing like them failing to mention an ambassador. A quick scroll of their Twitter timelines shows pics of Mariah Carey, Taraji P. Henson, Jussie Smollet, and Selena. It’s a chance that she was brought on just for a paid Instagram post and instead of using the hashtag “paid” or “sponsored” they went with “#MACAmbassador” (a cute not-so-legal trick brands use to avoid disclosing paid partnerships).
Even if it was a paid post it was perfect; she deserves all her coins and her brand is large enough to drive sales… plush how can you hate on Angela Renee White Kardashian? She used to go so hard for Candy Yum Yum and the color pink so it’s a great fit. It’s just not looking like her and MAC are on the same page when it comes to this partnership.
Available: & November 30, 2016, in-store December 8, 2016
Hash tag: #MACShadescents 
Scent and lips create irresistible chemistry with M·A·C Shadescents, six new perfumes inspired by our most iconic Lipstick shades. Lady Danger thrills with notes of wild cherry and Ruby Woo goes bold with whiffs of deep red leather. Notes of saffron, incense smoke, and cordovan leather surprise and intoxicate in My Heroine. Candy Yum-Yum conjures tropical fruit and cotton candy and Velvet Teddy calls forth wild honey and creamy musk. Crème d’Nude evokes the vibrant sexiness of naked skin.
Lady Danger notes of wild cherry
Ruby Woo notes of deep red leather
My Heroine notes of saffron, incense, smoke, and cordovan leather
Candy Yum Yum notes of tropical fruit and cotton candy
Velvet Teddy notes of wild honey and creamy musk
Creme d’Nude notes of sexiness and naked skin
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