The Real Life Schedule of Multi Passionate Entrepreneur


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I can talk about time management and scheduling until I’m blue in the face. Think I’m jokin? I welcome the challenge. For the most part I’m well disciplined when it comes to work, no surprise because I’m a workaholic. I work full time on Brown Girl Friendly with Ro to create our work guides, coaching members and clients (I take evening meetings to accommodate the schedule of entrepreneurs), and our social media, blog part time on, just relaunched my body care line, Honey & Petals Skintanicals, and I have a part time gig for the next 12 months. There’s not enough hours in the day! As much as I try not to complain I still have my moments but I appreciate the fact that I can handle my schedule and have a spouse that understands and friends & family that gets it.

Whenever ever I’m coaching a client that’s ready to dive into the wonderful world of being a blogger or entrepreneur to generate more income, I ask for a breakdown of their schedule. It’s unrealistic to get into any new project and be dedicated enough to generate income without really taking a hard look at your schedule because it can quite time consuming and requires consistency. My schedule as  full time blogger was a lot easier to manage but not as fun or fulfilling for me personally but I want to show what my typical schedule looks like. This isn’t to scare you or to brag about being able to do it all (because I don’t do it all) but hopefully to show you the real. So let’s start with the night before because the only way I can keep up with my weekly schedule is by prepping before.


8:40PM – Shower + bed & last email check (although you shouldn’t check emails before bed)… like no matter what I have to be in bed by 9. I don’t function well when I’m not well-rested. It makes me less productive, annoyed with people, tired all day. I don’t even like waking up out of a good sleep to alarm clock. I use the Sleep Cycle app to monitor my sleep patterns and the alarm that analyzes your sleep cycle to find the best time to wake you up to a more gentle alarm sound
5:30AM – Wake up, quickly glance over notifications (which going to stop doing soon because I don’t reply to emails until I get to my computer so it’s really just overkill), get in the office work until it’s time to get dressed to leave. Work consist of BGF work and it changes daily from loading a social media campaign, working on a branding project for a client, creating a website, helping a member, or even a consultation or service.
9:00AM -Out the door to take the train to my part time gig. During the commute I monitor and manage my social media accounts, chat with the co-founder of Brown Girl Friendly, read, and play Cooking Fever. It’s no secret that I’m addicted to the game!
4:30PM – Get home, prep for dinner (if I didn’t have time to meal prep on Sunday), cook, smoke, eat, clean, and while on my unofficial lunch break. On nights I don’t cook I eat at my in-laws or we just grab something on the way home.
6:45PM – Work on more BGF work, my personal blogging and branding which includes client projects, blogging, photographs, editing, writing, site edits, pitching to brands, coordinating posts & sponsorships, and any other projects I might have on the calendar until it’s time for shower and bed.
Friday nights I come home and crash. I don’t cook or work. If I’m lucky I can watch a movie before passing out.


I lose all sense of time on the weekends. I have a love/ hate relationship with time and I need more hours in the day but also but also understand that a workaholic like myself can’t function during the week without some structure and sleep. But on the weekends…. bih….. I’m team no sleep.
6:30AM – Wake up and get to work… UNLESS I have errands to run and clients. Guess what? I always have errands. It’s usually our same routine; coffee, breakfast (I use the word loosely), pickup packages from the the PO Box, grocery store (we always end up at like 3 stores), come home and work on the laptop while watching movies.
6:30AM – Wake up, grab my planner to check my progress and reevaluate tasks and goals, deep condition my hair, mini facial, take a long bath, relax, and squeeze in laundry, sunday dinner, and housecleaning. If I do work it’s usually not until the evening.
When I say “I don’t have time for ______”, I mean it. My schedule is tight and I’m running my personal blog & brand and Brown Girl Friendly while working part time. Every task takes time, energy, and usually money in some capacity. But I’m a firm believer that you can accomplish more than you can imagine with proper planning, discipline, and proper self care. I have no problem pulling late nights and early mornings to get the work done but I can also know when I’m tired and need a break and it can come without warning so there’s no need to apologize for not posting or taking a break from social media.


What does your schedule look like and how do you manage it?

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