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Natty’s Soft Oil Gelly Hair Food has been a staple of mine since it was released nearly 10 years ago. I switched from the more traditional glass jar formula to the more convenient bottle soft jelly formula. At the time it was simply because it was easier to use when wearing braids and easier to get to my scalp.

So what exactly is it and why would anyone want to use a $3 hair grease?

If you’re a fan of old school hair grease this one should be in your product collection. No matter how “safely” I color my hair I still experience dryness. I have fine hair and it’s really delicate so I have to use  lots or care and attention when it comes to hair color and basically everything and anything else. I can use Natty’s Soft Oil Gelly Hair Food and my hair will stay moisturized for a solid week without having to reapply daily or using other moisturizers that would weigh it down or make it greasy feeling. Sure the ingredients are far from wonderful (I’ve been using it well before bloggers had an online presence to take the guessing work out all of this) but it works. I also doesn’t smell like your latest tropical fruit trifecta of scents, more like bergamot, lavender, and something granny would pull from her collection of jars but it doesn’t linger and it’s not annoying. Shiny, well moisturized hair for only a few bucks to prevent my hair from future damage. Why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? Even if it was a couple dollars more I would give it a try.

How I use this strange “grease”

  • Warm a small amount in my hands and apply to clean damp hair
  • A regular scalp moisturizer
  • “Doctor” it up with essential oils such as peppermint oil
  • Seal my ends after using a cream leave-in conditioner (this would be the “O” of the L.O.C. Method)
  • Protect from color bleeding when coloring my hair


Where to purchase

Amazon, Elegance Beauty Supply Carson, CA

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