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The Real Life Schedule of Multi Passionate Entrepreneur

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I can talk about time management and scheduling until I’m blue in the face. Think I’m jokin? I welcome the challenge. For the most part I’m well disciplined when it comes to work, no surprise because I’m a workaholic. I work full time on Brown Girl Friendly with Ro to create our work guides, coaching members and clients (I take evening meetings to accommodate the schedule of entrepreneurs), and our social media, blog part time on, just relaunched my body care line, Honey & Petals Skintanicals, and I have a part time gig for the next 12 months.… continue

Coding Switching and the Policing of the Black Beauty Blogger

Everyone code switches. Everyone! The way you talk with friends isn’t the same way you speak with your clients or coworkers and the way you speak with them isn’t the way you would speak to your pastor. The difference is when it comes to your platform, a platform you created for your audience no one should tell you when, what or how to be your authentic self yet here we are.… continue

4 Reasons Why Your Content is Not Being Shared

Your share buttons could use some special attention

I know you’ve heard it time and time again, “make sure you have share buttons”, “do have share buttons on your blog?”  Adding buttons that makes it easy for readers to share your content can be more of a challenge than you think.  … continue

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