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Friday Feels, Adorable Twins Realize They Look The Same

How cute are the McClure twins? The dynamic duo’s video just went viral. The bantu’d twosome realized they’re identical twins and share the same birthday and the moment was caught on camera. That’s when things get interesting as one has a mini meltdown because she’s 1 minute younger and wants to be older and the other follows with her own meltdown because she’s a tad shorter.… continue

It’s Friday, you’re browsing the net. Why not check out these amazing brands on Instgram?

I’m not accusing you of slacking off at work today but I wouldn’t put it past you.

I can literally talk to you guys like friends. Since you guys are my friends check out some of Instagram accounts I swoon over. Feel free to drop your Instagram profile URL in the comments below so I can check out your pages.… continue

Rich or poor the beauty supply store will always be home



Without a doubt Tina and Bey can shut down any store they want and ball out in the blink of an eye but guess where they took a trip to… the beauty supply store. Not only did they shop and take pics with other customers but Bey tagged the location in her photo for Instagram.… continue

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