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Spring Travel Fragrances Worth Tossing in the Bag

As much as I love and appreciate a beautiful gaudy bottle of perfume on my vanity (really anywhere for that matter), rollerballs & travel sprays are quite handy when it comes to convenience.continue

Is Blac Chyna MAC Cosmetics latest ambassador?

Finally!! Some new MAC fragrances and just in time for the holidays. I actually saw Blac Chyna’s stunning Instagram post before I had a chance to check my email with official details. I was excited to see her announced as the new MAC ambassador. Rob congratulated his wife-to-be & new mom and the news hit every blog I can think of.… continue

Diptyque Holiday 2016 “Une Nuit Chez Diptyque” Collection Preview

diptyque boutique beverly hills

I made it just in time too because the new limited holiday collection is on display. “A Night at Diptyque” (Une Nuit Chez Diptyque) collection is a 3 piece collection that tells magical story of a shop perfumer by the name of Herni getting snowed in during a winter night in Paris.… continue

Melanie Martinez Releases the Visuals for Her New Cry Baby Perfume Milk


If you watched American Horror Story Freak Show then I’m sure you’re familiar with Melanie Martinez’s music. Her song, “Carousel” was one of the featured songs many of the intro videos we saw. She was also a contestant on The Voice but she clearly walks to the beat of her own drum which is refreshing to see from artists these days.… continue

Bath and Body Works Released Over 120 Pumpkin Products and I Came Home with 0

bath and body works pumpkin scents 2016 hello beautiful

bath and body works pumpkin scents 2016 hello beautiful

Bath and Body Works is on the ultimate quest to quickly kill our beloved fall pumpkin scents by releasing an obscene amount of pumpkin scented products. For at least the past 5 years we’ve been slowly going overboard as a nation with pumpkin this, pumpkin spice latte that, and this just helped us reach levels only a true year round pumpkin spice lover can dream of. … continue

What Are Your Favorite Summer Fragrances?

best perfumes summer 2015

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Summer officially starts in 2 short weeks but many aficionados have been scoping out their 2015 Summer perfumes and body sprays since Winter.  I already have the citrus-based Mandarine Glaciale from Atelier Cologne on stand-by, Stella Eau de Toilette is on my wishlist (I ended up with Mandarine Glaciale) because I love the dewy soft floral notes, Nest Indigo found its way to my heart, and I’ll be rolling over L’Occitane Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc from spring. … continue

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