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The unusual story about how I met my hair-braider of 15 years

“Are they heavy?”

That’s usually the second question I get asked after “who did your hair?” It was heavy just carrying the giant black plastic bag from the beauty supply store to the car. So if that’s any indication of the weight of these jumbo box braids.… continue

Meet my new L.A. hairstylist from Atlanta, Nikki Rae.

You know? It’s such a process finding a new hairstylist. I honestly don’t understand how chair-hoppers manage the rotation of searching, booking, hunting for the best deal, never knowing who to blame for damaged hair. It took me weeks to find Nikki.continue

Check in + Updates


The past month and a half have been insane. My schedule is a total mess and just to find time to relax and blog it took nearly a week to plan.

I moved, started a new job (cheers to 50-70 hour, 6 day weeks), caught the flu, followed by a stomach flu, had an amazing Honey and Petals holiday sale that took nearly a month to mange, had to Christmas shop, find a new hairstylist and do what I do best… be a loving supportive girlfriend, friend, and business coach.continue

Lotta Body Cleanse Me Co-Wash Review


I have a love/hate mostly neutral relationship with co-wash products.… continue

#BSSFind Natty Soft Oil Gelly Hair Food Review

post contains affiliate linksnatty soft oil gelly hair food review 6

Natty’s Soft Oil Gelly Hair Food has been a staple of mine since it was released nearly 10 years ago. I switched from the more traditional glass jar formula to the more convenient bottle soft jelly formula. At the time it was simply because it was easier to use when wearing braids and easier to get to my scalp.… continue

Local Braider Literally Defines Snatching Edges After Client is Left with Bald Spots

Graphic images below.

how to find a braider

Instagram, Yelp, and StyleSeat have been top contenders when it comes to searching for the perfect hairstylist. If you’re looking for natural hair stylists or local braiders a quick search using a hashtag and your city will show both top results and posts in chronological order.continue

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