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Tasha of Belle Butters on the Switch to Menstrual Cups + Cleaning Tips



Krissy here again with another guest post on tips and tricks to using menstrual cups (Diva Cup). Today we have the amazing boss and brains behind Belle Butters, Miss Tasha B. Tasha’s presence and skin care products can be found sprinkled all over this blog.… continue

Tips for active women looking to switch to menstrual cups [by @babyarkansas]


Krissy here. I told you guys that I reached out to reader to share their experiences using menstrual cups since we all live different lifestyles and you know no two vaginas are the same. Allow me to introduce you guys to Ednita; a curly-haired, bike-riding, librarian, coffee-loving, vegan, and avid Diva Cup user that was kind enough to share her experience since switching 2 years ago.… continue

The Coochie Has Gone High-Tech: Meet the kGoal Smart Kegel Exerciser

minna kgoal smart kegal exerciser review photos 1


post contains a press sample

The coochie has gone high-tech.

The kGoal Smart Kegel Exerciser by Minna is looking to change our approach and awareness of the benefits of proper kegel exercises. Kegels are pelvic floor exercises, consisting of the controlled contraction of tightening and relaxing of your pelvic floor muscles (also called kegel muscles).… continue

A Few Unconventional Ways I Use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

trader joes virgin organic coconut oil (1)
trader joes virgin organic coconut oil (2)-horz

trader joes virgin organic coconut oil (4)


Apparently I’m a bit more unusual than I thought.  Something that I kind of knew all my life but I guess I’m still up to usual antics.

I posted a photo on Instagram [if you’re not follow you should] of my favorite brand of virgin organic coconut oil from Traders Joe’s and described some ways I used it.… continue

Kitty Care: Foria Feminine Cannabis Oil Review

foria cannabis lube oil
foria cannabis lube oil

foria cannabis lube oil

Press Sample

What is Foria?

Foria ($44-$88) is a therapeutic oil designed to enhance female pleasure and is made with all natural liquid coconut oil (MCT) and purified pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil.

Foria is created by The Werc Shop using a revolutionary solventless process that provides a highly refined cannabis extract affording maximum bioavailability.… continue

Kitty Care: Tips and Tricks from Adult Star Teanna Trump

how to care for the bikini area
Send the kids to school and sit down and read this Kitty Care interview directly from Brown Girl Friendly featuring adult star Teanna Trump.   I feel like us regular girls have it easy at times.  We don’t have HD cameras zoomed in on our every inch of our goodies along with bright studio lights so we can get away with the occasional razor bump or take time off from hair removal treatments. … continue

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