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What all do you do? A list of the many hats I wear as a Black content creator


What all do you do?

I know I do a lot. I juggle many hats and I’m multi-passionate. I can’t think of a time in my life where I wasn’t. But it didn’t really hit me until I was asked during breakfast with a friend, “what all do you do?” I decided to compile a list of everything I do and simplify what I do in those roles.… continue

How I Changed The Way I Do “Happy Hour”

rita hour 2

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Happy Hour has evolved, ladies! No longer is it just a fast-paced hoorah with the girls but has shifted into an extended meeting of the minds. Look, I’m no stranger to happy hour… in fact at one point in my life I was the first self-proclaimed mayor of Happy Hour, but times have changed.… continue

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