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#OITNB You Can Totally Buy Soap Made By Piper in Polly’s Kitchen!

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It sounds like a real life fairytale. POPI Soaps is the soap that Piper started making in Polly’s kitchen and later pitched to Barney’s via a collect call from prison!  … continue

3 Body Washes I’m Loving for Summer

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Since I change my perfume every season I naturally switch up my body wash (body washes if we’re being technical because I can’t just use one at a time). … continue

How Ditching Oatmeal and Bathing With Household Bleach Helped My Eczema

bleach-baths-for-eczemaMy battle with eczema was a constant battle, some days better than others.  Lately I’ve have nothing but good days with the occasional flare up from over indulging in heavily perfumed body washes and partaking in my “trigger foods”.

So let’s back up a year or so.  … continue

Body Scrub: Coffee Grounds Out and Sand Is In?

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Coffee might not be out just yet but micro-beads are definitely out with laws being passed to ban them since they’re so small they’re clogging filters and settling into various lakes and natural resources. … continue

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