Checking In + Updates


I promise I’m not stepping away from beauty blogging! I’ve just been swamped with a million projects. But I do have some good non-makeup related reviews hitting the site soon. I should have checked in sooner since I always tell content creators “don’t just abandoned your audience”. But we’re here.
A few updates:

My schedule was already tight and we’re working on re-launching (OMG OMG OMG)! I can’t share too many details yet but there’s a hint on the site and also some free materials.

I got the chance to do makeup on a corpse. I sounds crazy but it was so rewarding and I realized I like doing makeup on the dead more than the living.

I’ve scaled back using social media as much but I check my mentions often so I’m still here for any questions.  It’s probably time for a social media cleanse after all the news headlines we’ve seen the past month.

I’m cleaning up my inbox today so if you’ve emailed me look for a response by the end of the day


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