#OITNB You Can Totally Buy Soap Made By Piper in Polly’s Kitchen!


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It sounds like a real life fairytale. POPI Soaps is the soap that Piper started making in Polly’s kitchen and later pitched to Barney’s via a collect call from prison!  And it’s now available for all “Orange Is The New Black” fans.  Well guess what?!  California based Chivas teamed up with Netflix to offer us artisanal soaps you won’t be finding locked up but you can luxuriate while on the outside.

When I tell you that this collection is perfect for the hit series I mean it.  Check out the site for yourself.  All 4 scents have storylines made for TV and feel great on the skin.  I’ve used hand crafted soaps from crafters here in Los Angeles since I was a little girl (my dad is addicted to the stuff) and it lives up to the hype.

Cucumber & Mint

“We harvest peppermint leaves from Piper’s Brooklyn balcony.  Then sun-dry, hand-chop & mix with cooling peppermint essential  oil, soothing aloe vera juice & antioxidant-rich cucumber.”

Vanilla & Verbena

“We steep bourbon vanilla beans in rich, nutty hazelnut oil. Then swirl with unrefined, raw cocoa butter, deeply nourishing goat milk & aromatherapeutic peru balsam essential oil.”

Lavender & Sage

“Purple Brazilian clay lends a deep, all-natural color & naturally detoxifies.  We stir it with exfoliating oatmeal, calming lavender & purifying sage for a tranquil spa-in-a-box.”

Grapefruit & Basil

“Like our friendship, this blend proves that opposites attract.  Bright, zesty grapefruit essential oil & gentle pink clay contrast with deep, earthy basil essential oil & exfoliating cornmeal.”


Check out the Chivas store locator to find it locally and if you’re near the Fillmore, California area you can request a tour of the farm.


FYI!  Orange Is The New Black got an early release and it’s on Netflix right now!  I’m binge watching with the rest of you guys!

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