My Christmas 2016 Full Moon Ritual


I’ve been trying my best to get back on track and stick to my moon rituals and self-care routines. Christmas morning was the perfect time and it was the last full moon of 2015. We won’t see a full moon on Christmas day until 2034!

I definitely suggest checking out Bri has some great posts on moon phases and rituals. Bri has great content and information PERIOD!

  • Smudged stones and placed them outside right before the full moon started (around 3:11AM here in California) and went back to sleep
  • Retrieved crystals
  • Took a 45-minute hot bath (with a Lush Butterball Bath Bomb) by candlelight, with my crystals, notebook with my intentions, meditation music softly playing from my iPhone, and meditation.

When I say it was the best ever… I take baths but the level of relaxation and calmness with this one was so much different than others. Afterwards I felt more at peace and focused. It’s a beautiful feeling. The only thing I would have done differently was a tarot spread but I had to leave in a rush and I want to do it when I have The Starchild Tarot deck in my hands

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