#ColourPop LAX, Zipper, Guess, Femme, and Kapow Swatches



I finally got around to swatching the ColourPop shades I bought just for fall. I’ve been wearing them but didn’t have time to swatch them. I’m ordering from there actual fall collection soon but in the meantime meet LAX (ultra matte), Zipper (ultra matte), Guess (ultra matte), Kapow (ultra satin), and Femme (ultra matte). I feel like talking about ColourPop is pointless because the world already wears the product and if you’re here it’s just for swatches. But in case you still haven’t taken a dive into the ColourPop pond allow me to introduce you. ColourPop Cosmetics is a Los Angeles born and raised brand that launched in 2014. They seemingly blew up overnight becoming a favorite of top vloggers and bloggers and carries pricepoint seen in most beauty supply stores at about $5-8. They have regular shades as well as limited edition seasonal collections and collaboration releases. The formulas are ultra matte so you’ll want to make sure you exfoliate and moisturize prior to applying. If you enjoy fried, oily, or greasy foods be warned they will break down under pressure. Other than that expect a full day’s wear. They even offer specials, discounts, and free shipping nearly everyday. There’s really no reason I can think of for a makeup lover to not have the brand on their radar.




LAX, $6

Deepend brown based burgundy. I found this shade to be true to color but have heard from readers with deeper skin tones that it appears more red and not as brown, it could be because it’s more of a nude base on against those skin tones.


Zipper, $6

A deepened yet vivid raspberry pink. I always need a pop of color during fall and might pair it with LAX for Christmas. It’ll get more wear during spring and summer 2017.


Guess, $6

A blackened violet purple or maybe it’s black with a hint


Femme, $6

Dirty light mauve which I adore and love the satin finish. It’s not a shiny gloss but more of what you would expect from a longwear semi matte lipstick.


Kapow, $6

An even dirtier muted mauve with an ultra matte finish. I love wearing this one on the weekend when I don’t want much color.

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