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 A little bit about the products…

The secret to beautiful skin is everyday moisture, and Dove Beauty Bar, with its signature 1⁄4 moisturizing cream, is

the perfect addition to your skin care regimen. It’s called a Beauty Bar for a reason as it helps skin feel more firm

and elastic compared to ordinary soap.

Washing with regular soap causes the dry, tight and sometimes irritating feeling which many people mistake for

‘clean.’ This is the result of cleansing ingredients that strip skin of essential nutrients and may result in decreased

skin elasticity over time. However, Dove does not strip skin and is proven to be more gentle and mild than or-
dinary soap. In fact, the bars’ unique formula replenishes nutrients in the skin while cleansing, leaving it soft and


It’s a simple daily step to reveal beautiful, radiant skin.


Dove Body Washes are setting a new standard in care. With almost 25% more Glycinate, an ultra-mild cleanser

primarily found in premium face products, NEW Dove Body Washes have become even milder. While mild cleansers

have historically lacked the ability to produce great lather, the new formula has broken the body wash paradigm,

allowing women to enjoy the rich lather they love and the mildness their skin needs.

Women can now feel the difference both during and after cleansing as NEW Dove Body Washes provide softer,

smoother skin after just one shower. The Dove Purely Pampering and Dove go fresh collections are also now avail-
able in the new formula, so that all women can enjoy its beauty benefits no matter their fragrance preference.

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