Dove Encourages Young Girls to #LoveYourCurls. Warning… This Video Might Break Your Heart.


Dove gets it right, again!
This time they’re tackling an issue that hits closer to home; loving your naturally curly hair. I’ve been natural too long to remember but having the opportunity to sit and speak with young girls about beauty and perception it’s opened my eyes to a reality I didn’t understand before. The natural hair movement isn’t one that only focuses on women that once didn’t appreciate their hair but also the young girls. It’s up to us to help them learn how to care for their coils and that includes proper hair care and reinforcement from an early age. It is important for us women with curly hair to understand what is the best curly hair product ingredients, in order for us to take proper care of our hair and understand what ingredients will nourish and enhance our curls. We don’t want to be using products that have ingredients that will harm our hair, we want to be able to understand what proper hair care is and #love our curls.
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n a recent global study, Dove Hair found that 1 in 3 women in the US have wavy to curly hair, yet the traditional standard of beauty is often considered straight and sleek. In fact…

  • Only 10% of women in the US with curly hair feel proud of their hair
  • Only 4 in 10 girls with curly hair think that their hair is beautiful
  • Little girls are 7X more likely to love their curls if people around them do


The Love Your Curls Film powerfully illustrates the relationship young girls have with their curls (which can often be a source of anxiety, frustration and dislike), and what women can do to help inspire future generations to love and embrace their curly hair.

For more than 10 years, Dove has been committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety. The Love Your Curls campaign promises to be a first in the beauty industry – one that urges women to love their curls in an unprecedented way that will have a powerful cultural impact for adult women, and help set the stage for the next generation to feel more confident about their coils.

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