Dove Teams Up With Nigerian, Ghanaian author Taiye Selasi and Illustrator Annick Poirier for Free “Your Curls” Book!


Continuing their innovative approach to beauty education, Dove has teamed with Nigerian, Ghanaian author  Taiye Selasi and award-winning illustrator, Annick Poirier for Your Curls, a creative and informative book examining the beautiful and inspiring aspects of a young girl’s hair.  Earlier this year Dove Hair launched the Love Your Curls film to encourage women to celebrate their curls and subsequently inspire future generations to do the same.
Right now the e-book is free on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and as a PDF download.  You can even customize your e-book with the recipient’s name and photo!  If you’re an educator or group leader you can request a copy of the physical book.


Some call my hair “unusual” I call it “rare like a jewel.”

Others call it “difficult” I prefer “super cool.”

Many call it “different” I couldn’t agree more.

Friends say it’s “wild” I say, “that’s for sure!”

If my mother tries to tame it I say, “no, no, no!”

If my grandma tries to tie it back I say, “let it go.”

If daddy tries to brush it I tell him, “leave it be.”

If auntie tries to braid it I say, “it should be free!”

dove love your curls book


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