Essence Beauty Box Unboxing


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Go easy on me, this is actually my first beauty box unboxing. There’s just so much that goes into picking a box you’ll be excited to delivered to your mailbox, one that you can look forward to every month. Is the value worth the subscription fee, are the products worth it (after all someone is doing the shopping for you and I find joy in shopping), how often are boxes delivered, are these brands you’ll want to purchase from later? These things matter, it’s a lot to consider.


The Essence Beauty Box team reached out to me to feature their February beauty box. I immediately jumped on the chance. It’s Essence for heaven’s sake! The magazine that singlehandedly defined Black beauty for me for a great deal of my life. Before the internet and definitely before being a beauty blogger, reading Essence magazine was how you found out what to check out when scouring the isles of the beauty supply store.


I love how they tell you exactly what’s in the box so it’s not a total surprise when it arrives. But I resisted the urge to check because I wanted to be surprised. My excitement was quickly met with disappointment and the more I thought about it it wasn’t disappointment but neutrality. This box claims to have a $35 value, which according to my quick calculation is correct (depending on how you look at it) but it seems thrown together and not actually curated collectively. One thing they do make it a point of doing is making sure at least 1 Black-owned brand is included. But there’s some strong competition when it comes to beauty boxes, especially those curated by Black women for Black women. Take curlBOX for example, it’s a $20 box and it usually comes with 3 or more full sized products. You can see the value. Look at the ONYXBOX. That box just looks expensive and it’s only $25. And the products look good, mostly makeup but good stuff. The value of the Essence Beauty Box just doesn’t feel properly valued and properly curated but their inclusion of Black-owned business and the others don’t. I also love the feedback coming in from fans that are enjoying the products.


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essence beauty sample box (5)

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