Everything You Need to Know About Hair Serums


So what is a hair serum?

Hair serum is silicone-based product that coats and protects your hair from various elements but unlike oils does not penetrate.  However due to various formulas available today a hair serum can contain a number of oils that can improve or penetrate your strands.  They’re available in traditional oil forms and lightweight sprays are becoming popular too.  For the most part people use hair serums to add shine, protect from environmental factors such as sun, humidity, and wind.   But hair serums are not to be confused with heat protectants.  But I have some tips to help you get the best use out of hair serums and identify ways you could be using them incorrectly.


You’re applying it daily

I can always tell when a woman is applying hair serums daily.  It makes the hair look and feel heavy and stiff– removing all signs of body and volume.  Apply your hair serum at night using the least amount possible.  By the time you wake up in the morning the oil well have well penetrated into the hair’s shaft and you’ll have lots of body and shine.  I almost never pour the product in my hands but tilt the product in my hand with the bottle covered followed by distributing it all over my hands.  When I apply the serum I start with middle section first, followed by under the hair, and lastly the outer part still focusing on the ends.  I go in this order because I don’t like too many hair products on the hair that surrounds my hair plus friction under my hair causes frizziness.


Incorporate the serum prior to blow drying

Depending on your hair type and the condition of your hair you can apply the serum after towel drying or during the last 10 of drying.  The helps cut down on drying time and helps the product to penetrate better.  So if you love to heat style without heat protectants (I see you thrill-seekers and risk-takers) this is a great way to boost the shine and silkiness.


Apply your serum after your leave-in conditioner for twist-outs, braid-outs, bantu knots, or wash-n-go’s

My natural hair requires more moisture and when it comes to moisturizing serums fall short on the list, as I mentioned before they do make great protectors help with smoothness and control frizz.  But on really warm summer days I like to go with the hair serums after my leave-in for the added protection since oils tend to absorb uv rays.  It also helps seal in the leave-in conditioner or you can add it over the leave-in and moisturizer.  But always remember to keep it off the scalp since it does not help stimulate growth and can clog the follicles.


Kick up your deep conditioning treatment

No matter what deep conditioning treatment I use I always add a nice amount of Macadamia Oil Treatment when my hair needs nourishment or Amika Oil Treatment when my hair is just doing the most.  Both brands also make really good deep conditioners and you can’t go wrong with either one.


You’re using a formula that’s not made for your hair

This takes research and a lot of research, almost to a fault.  Over the years I’ve tried a nice handful of brands only be disappointed due to my own lack of understanding or because they just made an inferior product.  For example, I find BioSilk to be too heavy and cause me to end up with a pimple no matter what but people love it.  Moroccanoil (the original formula) did made my hair color look a tad brassy, only for me to find out later that that formula is not for color treated hair.  Don’t get me started on some of the beauty supply store brands that market it as shine drops.  That stuff just sits on top of hair like crazy. Below is a roundup of highly rated hair serums.  But my personal picks for the past 2 years are One N Only from Sally’s, Macadamia Nut Oil (both the oil treatment and spray), and Amika Oil Treatment.

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