Exclusive: Rapper Trina Talks Collaboration w/ Body of Royalty, Beauty Routine, and Re-launch of Her Fragrance Collection


The Diamond Princess, baby!  Never the one not working, the one and only Katrina Laverne Taylor granted us an exclusive interview to discuss her new ambassadorship with cosmetic indie brand, Body of Royalty, shares the basics on her skincare routine, and the future of her own Diamond Princess Fragrance collection.

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AATP: How did the opportunity to be the brand ambassador and face of Body of Royalty new Mink Lashes line come about?
Trina: Body of Royalty Cosmetics presented the opportunity to my PR representation, and as we reviewed the products, I became intrigued to become a part of it. I am all about a woman embracing beauty and glam, so this just seemed like the perfect opportunity. Additionally, I am a lover of lashes it represents glam and gives your face just an added highlight…especially to the eyes, of course.

AATP: Your brow game is on point, we put you R&B singer Brandy in the same category of the most sought after brows; they’re always perfect, consistent, and been fleek before fleek was even a thing.  What does your brow routine consist of?
Trina: Wow, thank you… I really just love to be dolled up when I am working and traveling to perform. I have an amazing make-up artist who has become accustomed to what my likes are and what my dislikes are. I don’t want to appear too made up, but also I like to convey glam but not over the top with such because I also believe in taking care of your skin including with your face.

AATP: Despite being known for what some may call vulgar lyrics, you’ve always been a champion for women’s empowerment and synonymous with beauty & class [if you don’t immediately think of diamonds and fur when you hear Trina’s name you’re nuts].  I think it opened the door for people to see how multidimensional woman truly are.  Do you think it still surprises people?
Trina: Of course, women in general are being classified as being sensual, sexual and of surprise when it comes to embracing our professional aspects and involvement on a global manner. It is always a surprise when people in general meet me because I am the complete opposite of what I rap about, but I do love to dress fashionable and there are times where the glamourous side comes out. When I am not touring or working, I am completely in my relaxed state and that includes being a home body…enjoying moments with my family and friends with none of the diamonds, furs and glamourous makeup..just normal clothing and fresh and clean face.

AATP: Diamond Princess fragrance was released in 2005.  I still have my bottle on my perfume shelf displayed right in the front.  I’m sure you’ve been asked too many times to count but are there any plans to release another fragrance?
Trina: Yes, I am asked this by my fans daily. I am in the process of completely redesigning, repackaging and branding a completely new collection of perfume under my brand. I love to smell good, so I want the line to consist of fragrances that the everyday woman can wear while also the woman who wants to spice up her nightlife with a dynamic scent to accompany her attire. We are still in the developmental stages, as well as, I am constantly reviewing packaging and smelling various fragrances. I am hoping to have launched at least one of the perfumes from the collection in 2015.

AATP: What’s your favorite “Trina” song?
Trina: Surprisingly, I do not really listen to my music. But, if I had to pick, I definitely enjoyed the classic song with the beautiful Kelly Rowland entitled “Here We Go,” and the collaborations with my dear friend Monica is also within that category.

AATP: Is there a song that you did in the past that makes you cringe now?
Trina: Lol…..not really, every track that was released, during that time of release served a purpose.

AATP: With you traveling so much and always on the road, how do you keep your skin and body always on point?
Trina: I am a huge fanatic of moisturizing your skin, keeping up with protection against the different climates and cleansing regularly. As far as with my body, I just watch what I eat while working and traveling, and do mini workouts during such.

AATP: What beauty beauty regimen do you follow now that you wish you would’ve known about when you were younger?
Trina: Keeping your skin cleansed and moisturized daily is imperative.

AATP: What’s your favorite song to perform?
Trina: I love just performing and to watch my fans sing along or rap along with me. It is amazing to look out in the audience and hear them repeat the entire record, so I don’t have a favorite song to perform. Long Heels, Red Bottoms was definitely a fun and fashionable record that paved the way of red bottoms.

AATP: What product has worked so well for you that you would recommend to others?
Trina: I am in love with these mink lashes, and even though the price is estimated to be around $24.00 for each lash, you are able to wear them at least 25 times before having to discard and obtain new ones. The lashes enhances your look and eyes, so I highly recommend wearing mink lashes.

AATP: What made Body of Royalty Beauty select Trina as the face of your Mink Lashes?
Jermelle F. Pitts: As the Creative Director for Body of Royalty my goal is to always make sure that the brands mission is being stated. Our mission is to inspire ladies to Be Confident. Be Provocative. Be Royalty! Trina embodies all of those qualities. Body of Royalty and Mink lashes are so glamorous and over the top and Trina is so glamorous and over the top it only made sense for us to work with her.

AATP: Do you guys have a favorite product and pair of lashes from the mink collection? If so why are those your favorite?
Jermelle: I like all the products. I always seem to enjoy our creamy or matte lipstick. My favorite lipstick right now for the summer is “Love Hard” paired with “Always and Forever” lipgloss. It creates a really bold look. Moving into fall my favorite is going to be “pleasure” which is an oxblood red. My favorite lashes…oh God! Umm I would say “Lustful.” I like dramatic. So also enjoy seeing people stack the lashes. For one of the promo images with Trina we stacked “Dynasty” and “Legend.” We used “First Lady” as a bottom lash and that’s actually my favorite promo image.
Joseph: My favorite lashes are are Supreme and Lustful: I especially like when they are paired with First Lady used as a bottom lash and these are also Trina’s favorite lashes as well! My favorite Spring/Summer lip colors are Silence which is a matte orange shade and Soul Work which is a little more bold fuchsia for a summer night look.

AATP: Mink Lashes so I have to ask are the animals killed or harmed during the production?
Joseph: The animals are not harmed during the production of the lashes. Their fur is harvested via gentle brushing and assembled from there.

AATP:  What’s next for Body of Royalty Beauty?
Jermelle F. Pitts: There’s a lot we are always working! There’s some new shades of lipstick and lip gloss coming out. We are reviewing retail opportunities. The “Body of Royalty Beauty Tour!” kicks off in May. We are super excited about the tour and meeting our supporters. We have some super dope sponsors for this tour and I’m excited to be partnering with such amazing brands. We will have makeup artist from the STLrtist agency with us on the tour also. I’m just looking forward to a lot of fun and exciting things to come with Body of Royalty. I would suggest registering at bodyofroyalty.com to keep up with what’s going on.

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