Find out what happens when you snoop in your grandmother’s makeup bag


I can do this post again and a month or so and see an entire new line up of beauty products. Except for the polish stash. She’s worn pecan frost as long as I can remember. I once took her to the drugstore to find a new color and we left with a shade that was nearly identical to pecan frost– if it’s not broke why fix it. She just got her hands on my bottle of MAC “Bao Bao Jewels” so maybe she can swatch it for the blog.I decided to pay her a visit and snoop around her stash because she’s the one that got me into makeup products so I’m always curious to see what products she’s coveting.  She’s the only 87 year-old I know that shows up to the cook out at 11 in the morning, hours before we’re ready in full makeup, including bronzer and illuminator proving to the world that she has this makeup thing all figured out.  Sticking to jewel tones she often leaves the trend of matching your eyeshadow to your outfit to those that know no better.



No soap or foaming cleansers.  She sticks to cold creams, baby wipes, and Embryolisse.  I gave her a small tube some years ago and every 2 months she hits me up for a new tube.  She’s cleaned out my stash a few times and sent me on trips to Nigel’s Beauty Emporium to replenish without hesitation.


Complexion products

After wearing Fashion Fair foundation (all of them but mostly the Souffle Foundation) for 20 years she switched to MAC Studio Tech and now she’s using Mary Kay but told me she’s going back to Studio Tech…. as soon as EYE go get it.  I know she been to the MAC counter because she’s told me about the Back to MAC program (el oh el) but by the time I did this post she was on to something new.  I noticed that she loves to switch it up but within the same brand when it comes to the bulk of the products she uses.  She has a small brush kit but she loves her sponges, I guess you can tell that she’s due for a new Beauty Blender.



She stores her lippes in her giant purse and no matter the brand she sticks with low frosts and nudes all which get paired with a Jordana lip liner.  Funny how times change because growing up she in everybody’s raspberry red and tiki punch lipstick topped with matching lip gloss.  Those days are long gone but I would love to see her back in some bright lip colors.
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