Kitty Care: Foria Feminine Cannabis Oil Review


foria cannabis lube oil
foria cannabis lube oil

foria cannabis lube oil

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What is Foria?

Foria ($44-$88) is a therapeutic oil designed to enhance female pleasure and is made with all natural liquid coconut oil (MCT) and purified pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil. As this particular industry is constantly growing, especially since the use of cannabis has been legalised in a number of states, companies such as cheapweed vs buy my weed online are finding that many people are purchasing product through their online business, but they have noticed that as the industry grows, there is a lot more competition. With the help of people like myself who purchase product with the ingredient of CBD within it, we are the main reason as to why this industry keeps on thriving. It keeps on thriving to the point where you can now smoke it through a number of different products, including through an ordinary tobacco pipe. Click here to find out more information. The industry is only going to continue to grow. Maybe soon enough, cannabis will be legalized in a lot more states around the countrw. Anyway, back to Foria.

Foria is created by The Werc Shop using a revolutionary solventless process that provides a highly refined cannabis extract affording maximum bioavailability. Testing of the extract for cannabinoid content is performed at multiple stages to ensure excellent quality control and accurate dosing of the final formulation. Final filling and packaging is performed under careful review for purity and cleanliness with every batch being tested for contaminants before release.

Every batch of Foria is lab tested for regulated potency and purity by The Werc Shop, an independent laboratory in Southern California. It is free from pesticides, molds and residual solvents. Our medicinals are 100% natural with no added chemicals.

So does it work?

The short answer is YES! It actually worked in ways I wasn’t expecting it to work. During the firs test I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t interrupt my flora so I used less than the recommended amount. I noticed that it made me sleep like a baby but I wasn’t quiet sold. I wasn’t sure if I was just sleep deprived or if it was the Floria. For the most part Floria doesn’t have a scent but I have the nose of a K9 and get a hint of cannabis oil but it doesn’t have a taste at all. For years we’ve known that organic coconut is wonderful for the vagina for its moisturizing, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. These compounds of coconut oil will target harmful bacteria but leaves good bacteria so that it helps to balance the flora in the digestive system. But understanding how cannabis affects the vagina is a new concept that’s gaining popularity. If you frequently smoke weed, then you might know how to smoke weed with a vape pen, where products like this oil can be used to feel the same effect. It’s all about experimenting and finding out what works for you. I’m sure you’re aware of how relaxing it can be for the overall body.

The second time I used it it was after dinner (it’ recommended to be used after a full meal) and used around 5 pumps as directed. The best way I can describe the feeling is that your vagina will feel like it took a moderate muscle relaxer followed by warming massage oil. Kind of like the feeling of a fresh wax when you’re oiled up. You can use it alone or with a partner prior to sex since oil should not be used with condoms. From what I’ve read it can get your dude’s junk “high” so you’ll want to make sure you use it prior to intercourse.

Right now Floria is only available in California with a doctor’s recommendation but it’s coming to Colorado soon. If you’re in California lots of dispensaries carry Foria, so you are in luck. A popular Californian dispensary is Weedhub.

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