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Let’s get into these Fourth Ray Beauty products and brand. But first, a little backstory… Because we all love a good backstory when reading blog posts *Trina laughing*.

The skincare world has taken over on Instagram but for some reason Fourth Ray Beauty didn’t make it into my feed or on my radar. It wasn’t until Kylie Jenner released her skincare line that I decided get a little nosey browse around the SeedBeauty website to check out their roster of brands. It looked so lazy I couldn’t believe it was a SeedBeauty brand. I happened to notice Fourth Ray Beauty was listed and it looked a lot more interesting, luxurious,and innovative than the celebrity brands toted.

So about Fourth Ray Beauty and why they should be on your radar:

The Fourth Ray of light represents beauty – striving to create harmony from conflict, allowing true beauty to emerge. Our faces reflect more than the products we use; they display our mood, highlight our energy, and speak volumes about our vibe.

Fourth Ray represents freedom and flexibility, never bound by the constraints of traditional brands. We embrace the flexibility our skin needs to help it achieve balance and harmony as we move through life. And because we can all use a little extra juju in our lives, each product contains a custom crystal blend designed to help balance your energy while perfecting your skin.

And that my friends is how I stumbled upon the wonderful, affordable, and luxurious skincare brand, Fourth Ray Beauty.

Clean Slate Foaming Exfoliator, $12

“This foaming exfoliator water-activates into a rich, foamy lather to polish away dead skin and wash away impurities. Formulated with Volcanic Rock, Kaolin Clay, and fruit enzymes, this detoxifying powder works to refine skin. Wash away the dirt, debris, and toxins that lie deep within your pores and reveal a smoother, softer, and more renewed complexion.”

I’m a sucker for a good exfoliator and my favorite for regular use for over 10 years was Dermalogica Microfoliant. Babbbyyy when I say Clean Slate came and stole the show I mean it. It smells like fruit, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus almost in a chemical way but I absolutely adore the nostalgia. I’m breakout prone and since using it my skin has been free of breakouts. My skin can handle a good amount of polishing during the week and I’m able to use it a few times a week because it’s just that gentle and effective. The flip cap makes it easy to use and it contains AHAs, BHAs, fruit enzymes, kaolin clay, a dash of fine volcanic sands. I massage it in over freshly washed skin with a drop of water, leave it on for a minute, then rinse clean.

Later Hater Spot Treatment, $12

“An overnight spot treatment formulated with soothing ingredients to help reduce breakouts. This two-phase pink solution targets spots with a highly effective blend of Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, and Calamine. Later Hater provides relief without leaving your skin itchy, flaky or irritated. Apply directly onto spots before bedtime to help dry up impurities while you sleep.”

I’m a long time fan of Mario Badescu Drying Lotion but was ready for a change and didn’t want to spend $17. I’ve been getting amazing results using acne patches (we’ll talk about those next time) and don’t like using drying lotions or spot treatments at night because truth be told… I don’t want it on my pillow. So when I do use them I actually use them when I’m home during the day and have no intentions of leaving the house. Hey it’s just my thing and it works for me. I was only able to use Later Hater twice because like I mentioned, breakouts have been kept at bay since using Clean Slate. What I did notice was that it wasn’t much different than its predecessor but the calamine was more finely milled. Since it’s so fine you can’t go heavy because it’ll flake.

Watermelon Face Milk, $10

“A refreshing drop of moisture to balance skin. Formulated with Watermelon Seed Oil, Bamboo Milk, Cucumber Water, and Aloe, this lightweight formula will replenish hydration for a healthier, softer complexion.”

Is it a cream? Is it an oil? It’s BOTH! This cream oil is my favorite to balance moisturizer and keeps my skin dewy and hydrated. Just 3 drops (sometimes I do more) and it leaves my skin dewy and I’m good to go. It has been one of the most consistent balancing moisturizers I’ve used. No matter what my skin (and diet or the lack of) is doing it gets me back to the happy neutral place.

Mellow Milk Mist, $8

“Delivers refreshing relief from uncomfortable skin using a blend of White Tea, Calendula, and Marshmallow Root Extract. Chamomile and Oat Milk soothe irritation and reduce redness, leaving you with a cool, calm, collection complexion.”

I love a good mist and typically use them to refresh and after applying makeup. Since I’m breakout prone and do a lot to my skin I wanted a mist that was more calming and desensitizing. I don’t suffer from redness so I don’t have much to say about it reducing redness but it does feel great on the skin and I’d purchase it again. It’s a mist so there’s not a whole lot to say lol. I initially thought it had some type of shimmer but it’s quartz which is included in all the products.

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