Freeman Beauty Just Add 4 More New Skincare Products!


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freeman beauty sparking pear pore cleansing mask

freeman beauty oxygen renewal mask

freeman beauty sweet tea and lemon peel-away clay mask

freeman beauty hibiscus overnight repair mask

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Oh Freeman Beauty, oh how I love thee!  You’ve always been my top affordable pick and rarely let me down.

Fresh off the heels of the successful Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask, Freeman Beauty add 8 new products to their skincare series.  I’m on the hunt for a few others but in the meantime I have details and a quick overview of 4 that were sent for review.  I really need to get my hands on the Banana-Oat Instant Smoothing Mask and the Key Lime Face Scrub (which sounds more like weekend DIY projects).

Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask ($4.29)
Coconut Glow Leave-On Bronzing Mask ($4.29)
Banana-Oat Instant Smoothing Mask ($4.29)
Key Lime Face Scrub ($4.29)
Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask ($4.29)
Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel-Away Clay Mask ($4.29)
Hibiscus Overnight Repair Mask ($7.99)
Daisy Hibiscus Oxygen Revival Mask ($9.99)


Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing MaskSkin-clearing clays are whipped to an ultra-light consistency, enhancing their ability to coax impurities out of skin all without the dramatic tightening effects of traditional clay masks. Willow Bark Extract, a natural source of Salicylic Acid, exfoliates & clears pores to reveal smoother, fresher skin. Pear Extract has astringent benefits to help minimize pore visibility for a perfected surface, and refreshing Tea Tree removes impurities without over-drying skin. Perfect for oily and combination skin.

Maybe it was just my tube but despite taking into consideration this is a whipped clay mask seemed under weight.  The tube seemed to be brand new and I know whipped product can lose some of it’s air in shipping but it’s was very noticeable.  You can even tell in some of the photos.  I was impressed with the texture and as with all clay masks you only want to use them in areas you tend to be oily in and never let it dry because it starts to absorb the natural sebum and moisture that keeps skin in balance.  Since it’s whipped I found it easy to apply (about the same as an Aztec clay mask) and it didn’t dry as fast.


Daisy Oxygen Revival MaskImmediately upon contact, our invigorating rapid rescue mask releases thousands of effervescent micro-bubbles into skin, helping to refresh and re-stimulate from within. Antioxidant Daisy Flower Extract, a proven skin brightener, helps control dark spot formation. Ginkgo Biloba Extract and antioxidant Vitamin E give skin a noticeable boost in vitality. The result? Glowing, regenerated skin that radiates youth and vitality.

I didn’t get any noticeable results with this mask but it was by far one of least messiest ones I’ve ever used.  It’s super light weight, dissolves within minutes and colorless so it makes it easy to remove.  I just don’t think this mask is for me.  I get better results with the Freeman Beauty Pineapple Enzyme Mask.  It makes my texture smooth and lightens some of the blemishes so for now I’ll be sticking with that one.


Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel-Away Clay MaskCharm skin with a little southern comfort in the form of Sweet Tea spritzed with a squeeze of refreshing Lemon! Our peel-away clay mask delivers the cleansing, oil-absorbing benefits you expect from clay…plus the all-over toning and refining perks of an easy-to-peel-off mask! Antioxidant-rich Tea and Lemon Fruit Extract calm for the ultimate in toning and soothing benefits. Perfect for normal to combination skin.

This combination sound good enough to eat but trust me you don’t want to do that.  This mask is pretty innovative, you get everything you love about clay masks but without the mess.  It’s a creamy clay mask that’s a peel-off mask and my skin loves it!  Maybe I’m just too giddy about this mask but I don’t think I’ve every come across a hybrid mask like this one.  Although it works great all over I find that I like it best on the outer perimeter and use Sparkling Pear in my t-zone.


Hibiscus Overnight Repair MaskTake an ultra-nourishing dip into our revitalizing, anti-aging overnight mask! Infused with therapeutic night-blooming Hibiscus and dehydration-preventing Silk Amino Acids, this oil-free formula mends visible signs of aging as you sleep. Willow Bark Extract exfoliates to clear away dull surface cells for a smoother, more youthful surface. Multi-tasking Shea Butter acts like a superfood for your skin, infusing it with ProVitamin A, antioxidant Vitamin E and allantoin. The result? Skin is more resilient, visibly rejuvenated and renewed.

Overnight/ sleeping masks have been getting lots of buzz lately and I took Dr. Oz.’s advice years ago and stopped washing my face in the morning.  I was making my skin produce more oil because I was stripping away natural sebum that keeps my skin in balance.  For the most part overnight/ sleeping masks works just like any other night night cream or moisturizer that they’re to be applied at night and don’t require rinsing, just wake up and wipe with a warm cloth (unless you wash in the morning then proceed as usual).  I’m pretty neutral in my opinion when it comes to this one; it isn’t wildly great but it isn’t bad either.  I think those with mature skin or those that tend to have dry skin should give it a try.

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