Gelish The ColorFall 2014 Collection Swatches and Review


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Gelish Fall 2014 Do I Look Buff

Do I Look Buff is my favorite nude gel color of all time.  I just want to wear it on my toes all the time. I’m a sucker for nice yellow-beige colors, even when it comes to eyeshadows so I’m not surprised that I fell in love with this color but best of all the formula is perfect.


Gelish Fall 2014 Berry Buttoned Up

Berry Buttoned Up is another fave.  I’ve been wearing it on my feet for a couple of weeks.  It’s a very fun raspberry pink with pink shimmer that’s darker in person .


Gelish Fall 2014 Hello Merlot

Hell, Merlot is a pretty deep berry red that reminds me more of berries found on Heteromeles than wine but it’s still a lovely slightly muted red.


Gelsih Fall 2014 Rake In The Green

Rake In The Green is a lovely dusty hunter green with blue tones.  I initially thought it would be too deep in color but it’s very forgiving.


Gelish Fall 2014 Whose Cider Are You On

Whose Cider Are You On is a nice warm purple with red tones and golden glass glitter.  I like it but it doesn’t fit my style which is fine.  The quality is great so people will love it.


Gelish Fall 2014 Clean Slate

Clean Slate did not perform as well as I hoped for.  I found the formula to be slightly runny and it wasn’t as opaque with 2 coats.  The good thing is that I get gelish applied at the salon and it’s something my tech would have to worry about and she would most likely use a 3rd coat.  If you plan on applying it home using the Gelish Kit, be sure you have some patience.


You can find the Gelish The Color Fall 2014 collection in most Sally’s Beauty and professional salons.  Visit to use their  salon locator.

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