Giving Back….


After last week’s expo I decided to stop in a local fondue restaurant and could overhear a couple behind me asking the waitress what was I having.  I insisted that they grab a fondue fork and dig in.  I was eating a long and it was no way I could have finished it all, and why let it go to waste.  During the evening we all drew up a nice conversation about how they had been coming to this tiny restaurant for almost 15 years and also their volunteerism in the community.  On the way inside they placed a large food order from a homeless man that was in front.  Look.  You cannot tell me things like this and not expect me to get in my feelings.  I was a mess.  The owners of the restaurant had also provided an order.  But as I learned that evening, doing random acts of kindness is their norm.  They also donate clothing frequently to local shelters and also during the holidays.  We all exchanged contact information because these are the type of people I like to surround myself with.  It’s also really motivated and encouraged me to give back just the same. And to think, all of this came about because of fondue.



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