Glam Beauty Board Winter 2013 Beauty Round-up











Benefit Fine-One-One ($30)

This is why you can never judge a book by its cover.  I really didn’t know where this product was going; it comes in a stick but it’s not really a balm or check tint, it’s well pigmented so I wasn’t sure if I could property control it since it comes in not a tube—but a stick.  This cheek and lip tint is the best cheek product I’ve used this season, without a doubt.  The 3 shades consist of a pink champagne (golden pink like Girl Meets Pearl as a highlight), coral, and sheer watermelon making up the largest block.  It blends with fingertips without a care in the world and the stick makes it easy to toss in the bag.  I can’t think of a world that can’t pull this color off.  Don’t be afraid it only looks intimidating.


Gillette Venus + Olay Razor in Sugarberry ($11)

Gillette has kicked up their classic 5-blade razor by adding 2 moisturizing bars of Olay gentle exfoliating sugarberry-scented cream.  I love Venus 5-blade razors because they get the job done without much effort—I’ve been using them since I started shaving and just stuck with them.  I can definitely tell that my skin was well moisturized and no taunt dryness, but it did perform better once the cream bars dissolved a bit so blades can reach the skin better.


E.O.S. Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream ($5)

Shave creams are really taking over and I’m not complaining at all; they’re wonderful and so moisturizing! Can we talk about how divine it smells; it’s hard to describe but it has a soulful creamy spiciness to it.  It has shea butter, aloe to calm the skin, and oat to soothe.  Pure heaven! If you’re prone to having dry skin, grab this shave cream.


Kenzo Amour “I Love You” Fragrance ($57)

I love you too, Kenzo.  I’ve been spritzing this gem nightly before bed since it arrived.  The clean floral scent reminds me of fresh laundry during spring but the musk separates it from other fragrances in the category.  The grapefruit add and crispness and the rose simply make it romantic.  I’m hooked.


Alessandro Coco Mango Nail Butter ($25)

I’m always here for a decadent nail cream but this one won’t come cheap.  I used this cream on the driest cuticles one can find; that of a neglectful man in the middle of winter.  After a good scrub with the nail brush I coated each finger and let it sit for 10 minutes before pushing the cuticles back.  It definitely got the job done and his cuticles as well as the area looked great.


Maybelline Rocket Mascara ($6)

I love the clean clump-free formula and the brush isn’t too big or too small to grab to tiny pesky corner lashes.  I’m all about big lashes and Maybelline doesn’t disappoint.


Philosophy Miracle Worker Eye Cream with HPR ($65)

I’ve included anti-aging products in my beauty routine since my mid twenty’s.  Now I’m creeping on the age of having a full blown anti-aging routine.  One major factor is that I have a food allergy that causes the eczema around my eyes to flare us so I have to be extremely careful about not only what I eat but what products I use in that area.  Miracle Worker Eye Cream is rich like a creamy balm and very hydrating and soothing.  It also does not interfere with my eczema.  After a week I’ve noticed less darkness and smoother skin under my eyes.


Burt’s bees Lip Gloss in Rosy Dawn ($9)

You can never go wrong with an all-natural pink gloss.  It does have a lot of shimmer so you can dress it up a bit and the texture isn’t thick or sticky.


Olay CC Cream – Total Effects Correcting Moisturizer with SPF ($25)

Coverage, moisturizing, anti-aging, tone correcting, UV protection…what more can you ask for in the product? And we all know Olay reigns supreme when it comes to discount skin care products that give results.  This product packs a punch of moisture so if you’re oily, you may want to hold off.  I tested it under light makeup as I usually would wear it and also because even the darkest shade was too light for me.


First Aid Beauty Ultra Skin Repair Cream ($28)

I’ve been using this cream every single night; it’s perfect for my dry sensitive skin.  I actually keep the jar in hand bag.  It’s fragrance-free and doesn’t interfere with my eczema.  It absorbs nicely and doesn’t feel greasy but it’s still a rich cream.


Biolage Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment ($20)

If you already familiar with Matrix Biolage serums (which I know so many of you are) then this is going to be an easy product to fall in love with and add to your collection.  So despite this smelling like the straightening serum in their lineup and having a similar texture, it’s completely different.  There’s a higher oil concentration and you use a few drops in your hair shampoo or hair conditioner.  You can add a little bit after styling but I’ve found it to be better used prior to styling.


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