How I Changed The Way I Do “Happy Hour”


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Happy Hour has evolved, ladies! No longer is it just a fast-paced hoorah with the girls but has shifted into an extended meeting of the minds. Look, I’m no stranger to happy hour… in fact at one point in my life I was the first self-proclaimed mayor of Happy Hour, but times have changed. I’m a busy woman that does not have much free time or as I like to call it ‘disposable time’. During any given day I have 5-10 projects going on at the same time and time is simply limited, but I still love to have fun and appreciate the time I can share with friends. We’re all bloggers, entrepreneurs, and still have day jobs so we look for every opportunity to mix business with pleasure.

We’re obsessed with planning and productivity so we block out time on a shared calendar, someone brings healthy snacks, another brings the not-so-healthy snacks, and someone is sure to bring Bud Light Lime Ritas. Hey it’s our thing! We all work and share ideas while snacking and sipping Raz-Ber-Rita, Straw-Ber-Rita, Lime-A-Rita, and my favorite Mang-O-Rita. A small chilled can is refreshing, perfect amount of sweetness, and nearly undetectable alcohol content makes it the perfect pre-made sparkling adult beverage. You won’t feel unfocused too. . We’re often surprised by the amount of work and projects we complete while enjoying Bud Light Lime Ritas but it’s always a total blast! You can even mix flavors for a more tropical flavor to create your own drink.

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How do you transform Happy Hour?

The Bud Light Lime Ritas are so delicious that wherever they go a party spontaneously happens.


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