5 Tips to Buying Weave Online


how to buy weave online

I can share a million tips for buying weave hair online but I’ll try to keep this post as short and sweet as possible.  As some of you know I run Honey Crush Hair (which is currently offline so I can dedicate more time to other business ventures) but I sill find myself helping ladies when it comes to buying hair online and do private orders.  Buying quality hair is an investment; it’s not cheap and will last at least a year with proper care so it’s not something you just buy on a whelm.

  1. Don’t rely solely on Instagram when it comes to doing your due diligence in researching a hair company.  Check all social media accounts and online reviews….
  2. Speaking of reviews– here’s the thing.  If someone is posting a review of hair that haven’t been in for at least a month, I skip over it.  Freshly installed hair extensions even of the lowest quality perform well the first 2-3 weeks.  Once you’re a month in and wash the hair (for what wold be at least the 2nd or 3rd time) you’ll know if it was indeed cheap hair that was simply coated with treatments to mask the quality.  I also pay attention to reviews of hair where the color has been lifted because that can strip any coating as well.
  3. This next tip might seem a little strange but instead of just co-washing newly received hair shampoo and condition it.  Hair is imported product and raw hair arrives with dust, cleansing agents, and even bugs.  It often looks and feels clean until you go to wash it.  Unless the company you’re purchasing from has explicitly advertised that the hair was shampoo’d and conditioned, don’t assume a co-wash will work.  Some companies encourage co-washing to help cheap hair last longer so you don’t strip away the masking agents.
  4.  If the company only posts photos of hair with their vendors labels and bands still intact, they’re not inspecting their hair properly.  That bundle could look perfectly fine on the outside and several other issues could be going on along the weft once unraveled.  Things like bun spots from the wefting machine, cut tracks, shorter length hair being sewn in the inside (this is why I measure from 3 points), poorly quality wefts.  A company should have no issues telling a customer if they’re completely opened a bundle to wash and inspect it but most never open the bundle.
  5. Don’t fall for exotic hair types and names.  I won’t go into details about what hair is coming from where but a little research and world map when researching goes a long ways.  I’ve seen so many names for Euro and Chinese hair it’s not even funny.  I remember seeing a review from a woman comparing Brazilian hair to Colombian hair as though they don’t border one another.

Image Source: http://luxurycocoa.tumblr.com/image/78066455630

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