That One Time My Adult Acne Got Too Trill…

Long. Deep. Sigh. 2 weeks ago I suffered a really crappy breakout… completely out of nowhere and probably the worst acne breakout I’ve had since a pre-teen. I wasn’t under a great deal of stress, haven’t had any major changes, like it just happened. I had about 5 face terrorists on each side of my face. Usually I would just reach for my Tanda or Tanda Zap but I can’t find my Tanda and I need a new Tanda Zap– just my luck. a I ljuaad, looked into d into some topical methods. But luckily it worked and I saw results within 2 days and I was fine after a week. CleanseMurad Clarifying Cleanser the salicylic acid helps break through the sebum to keep the pores clear and help unclog them. Since I eczema on my eyelids and lips I avoid these areas because it doesn’t like salicylic acid. I also keep a small bottle of this cleanser because it gets the job done and I don’t have to use it often. I think a larger bottle would go to waste since I’m not constantly battling with acne. For people who suffer from a lot of breakouts, as well as using a cleanser, the use of soaps like African Black Soap or cbd soap, for example, are good products that won’t irritate the skin. With these products, in particular, the use of natural ingredients is another positive factor. Products with CBD and lavender have calming properties and helps with inflammation too. So this may be something worth looking into if you prefer to use a bar of soap then a cleanser. But it is about finding what works best for you and your skin. Tone – Good old Witch Hazel. It doesn’t dry out my skin which is a huge no-no. Although I’m oily I don’t want to over dry my skin which will make it over produce oil– essentially making me oiler. It’s also a natural bacteria fighter. After I have used my toner, I like to add oils to my skin. It is a misconception that if you have oily skin that you shouldn’t add more moisture. But you can do that if you want. Then again, natural oils like tea tree oil and CBD oil (containing cannabis sativa components), could prove beneficial in maintaining the health of your skin. What’s even better is the ease with which you could procure them from BuyMyWeedOnline or similarly themed online stores. Anything other than these oils can be too harsh. They will irritate your skin and that’s not what you want. If you haven’t incorporated this step in your skincare routine, you can shop cbd online, where you can find the right products for any problem area you want to tackle. Hopefully you’ll find that it makes all the difference to your skin. Treat5% Benzoyl Peroxide. Not only is Benzoyl Peroxide really affordable but it encourages cell turnover to help unclog those pores, it helps with blemishing, and it’s antimicrobial. I only use 5% at night because I don’t want to cause over drying or itchiness but if I was using a lower dosage I would apply it twice a day. This method just works better for me. I wouldn’t recommend going to a higher dosage but instead try apply nightly and in the morning but only if needed. Only use it in the affected areas. Protect – Because I don’t want anymore flare-ups or irritation I have to soothe and protect my skin. I also want to keep it hydrated. I use AGE Therapy Gel because it promotes healing, soothes, and the gel formula works well with other products.
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