10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Natural | #NaturalHair


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  1. You will NOT, I repeat will NOT achieve her twist-out or 90% of the styles you swoon over on Youtube.  Those with massive fros and long coils are typically the most popular natural hair gurus on Youtube.  Even when I search for styles for girls with fine or thin natural hair like myself I land on videos featuring girls that still have a ton of hair (almost like a self-pity party) and can’t relate at all.  Truth be told girls with natural hair like mine are pretty limited.  With curl typing being so popular I’m not sure why there’s little mention about density or lack of curl pattern.  You’ll end up with what God wants you to have.
  2. “Grease is bad, get rid of it.” “Gel will dry your hair out.” “Shampoo will strip your hair so be sure only co-wash.”  So many opinions and most can be disproven.  With the huge influx of natural hair products hitting shelves left and right you can find a product that works for you but over the years I always end up with products that were used on my hair as a child.  I shampoo with sulfates when my hair needs it, I massage my scalp with products that most naturals shun, and only co-wash as a mid-week refresher.
  3. Being a natural takes a ton of time and work.  If you’re not accustomed to weekly treatments and gentle detangling then I guess it can be an adjustment.  But for me personally, once I stopped coloring, blow drying, and straightening my hair I saved at least 3 hours every weekend.
  4. The basics are quite simple; stay balanced and understand when you need more protein or more moisture, keep your scalp in good health, take care of those ends, and treat your hair like a delicate flower.
  5. Her regimen is not your regimen.  No need to go into details here but just like skin, scalp and hair care are unique to each individual.
  6. All natural hair aint good hair and every relaxed girl aint the enemy.  Twist-outs and other wet styling can be deceptive (my hair has even tricked me) and can look super healthy only to find out that you’re months overdue for a trim.  Over the years we’ve seen a good influx of relaxed hair that’s healthy.  We’re all learning but pay attention to your hair and don’t compare your experience to others.
  7. You might not share the “journey” as others have.  For many of us it’s just hair and it doesn’t invoke a sense of pride or self-awareness or any other feeling for that matter.  It’s simply hair.  We’re not all invested or think much about our hair.
  8. Protective styling is really fun and the possibilities are limitless.  From kinky-curly weaves, to braids, to bone straight weaves with faux natural parts you can explore a new world of hair styles.  But be sure not to neglect the hair you’re protecting.
  9. You’re damned if you do damned if you don’t, but at the end of the day just do you.  The first time out as a natural will make you self-conscious or even uncomfortable.  People (especially those closest to you) might not understand and will ask questions.  Strangers might will even ask to touch your hair.  Be confident don’t don’t worry too much about it.
  10. A natural hair style doesn’t not equal natural hair.  Lots of “naturals” are out here passing and you’ll never know.


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