5 Ways to Listen to @SZA Ctrl




We haven’t been anticipating the release of SZA “Ctrl” to simply give it a listen in the car stressed out during a morning commute on the 405. Like a fine wine we should slowly, carefully, and methodically digest this album.


Bonfire at the beach
Stop at Trader Joe’s, grab your apple granola & fruit infused water, and a bottle of champagne. Dive down the coast with the crew. Bust out your cutest bluetooth speaker and vibe to album on repeat at the beach.


Inside a tent with butterflies… just hear me out
Totally random but remember when Princess Nokia’s boyfriend made her a white tent in the middle of nowhere? Then he topped it off with flowers and a basket of butterflies fluttering around them with Solange playing. Create your own special moment to Ctrl.


A fat blunt, an icy cold ‘Rita, and hot bubble bath
Kinda cliche but it’s the simple things. If you really need to jazz it up add a Lush bath bomb. I low-key feel like SZA shops at Lush or would like Lush.


On a hike through Temescal Canyon
L.A. has some amazing hiking trails. There’s more than just Runyon Canyon. Temescal Canyon has the most beautiful views overlooking the ocean. The last time I went they had giant butterflies where the flowers bloom at the top of the cliff.


A pre-Ctrl playlist
SZA stays in the booth and now would be a good time to go back and listen to her previously released bodies of work. But if you’re short on time start with the “Ctrl Refresh” playlist on Spotify.


image cred: @thecontrary

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