How to Use Dabur Amla Hair Oil


How to use Dabur Amla Hair Oil How to use Dabur Amla Hair Oil

Dabur Amla Hair Oil instructions

Dabur Amla Hair Oil Ingredients

I grabbed this huge bottle of Dabur Amla Hair Oil ($6.00) ages ago at an India market when I lived up north.  This bottle is 4 years old and I’ve only put a dent in it.  Needless to say it’s time to break it down and give it to friends and family.  I just can’t finish this bottle because it’s so big and you don’t need much.  Now if you don’t have an issue with using mineral oil on your hair (which I don’t) you might find happiness in this bottle of oil.  If you do, don’t worry because there are hair product that contain Amla without mineral oil (such at Vatika Hair Oil).  This oil does have a strong smell of bergamot grease but I find that it’s not as bad when used with other products and does not linger.  If you want to know more about about the benefits of Amla Oil, check out Ebony with Longing 4 Length post here.  I do notice less breakage, frizz, and fairy knots when I incorporate it in my routine using various methods.  Here’s a few to help you get the best of this oil.  I don’t use all of the methods at one time but these are ways I use them.


Pre-poo treatment – Apply it to your hair an hour prior to shampooing, paying attention to the ends, cover with plastic cap so you don’t make a mess.

Added to your deep conditioning treatment – After applying your deep conditioner apply a small amount to your hair.

Pump up the powder – A tiny amount can be added to Henna powder and mixes.

Make your own hot oil treatment and mixed – You can blend this oil with other oils to give yourself a hot oil treatment.

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