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I feel like every summer we all start talking about the magical world of creme blushes but never really talk about them.  If it were up to me we would talk about creme blushes more often but honestly, they’re still viewed as one of the more complex makeup items to own and use.  I think color correction and the subject of highlighting and contouring *coughs… shading* were more difficult to tackle and guess what?  We eventually got it right.  But year after year we see lists with the best creme blushes or think pieces about why they’re the most natural option for non-make up looks.


Why creme blush?

Yes, they often yield the most natural look and really do make you look like you “woke up like this” but I find that they’re incredibly easy to work with.  They’re multi-use so go ‘head on and add a little to the lips while you’re at it.  Best of all they have their place every season, not just summer.  They can help retain moisture during winter and repel water as well.  See photo with water beading away below.


All creme blushes are not created equally

No non-powder blush should be placed in the same category since no two are the same.  Let’s start with Illamasqua’s characteristics; one of the top ingredients is carnauba wax.  Made from the wax of the leaves of the Copernicia prunifera plant carnauba wax it’s revered as the “queen of waxes”.  It’s hypoallergenic and emollient does a great job at repelling water.  Benefit Fine One One Color Trio contains Triethylhexanoin, a triester of glycerin and 2-ethylhexanoic acid that’s not only emollient but also conditioning.  Benefit Posietint is a long wearing stain with a liquid gel-like consistency.  Water isn’t repelled so it’ll react as it would if it came in contact with your natural skin but the color still looks fresh under pressure.  Make Up For Ever HD Blush has a different approach with caprylic/capric triglyceride which is derived from coconut oil but is neither a wax or an oil.  Used to sooth and heal this creme blush definitely has it’s skincare benefits.


Tools of the trade

The most popular brush or applicator to use for creme blush is a stipple brush… well from what I’ve been told for years but in my personal option it’s probably the last brush you should reach for.  You have one of the best free applicators right at your fingertips, literally.  You’ll save time by simply using your fingers but if that somehow isn’t your cup of tea reach for something like the Hakuhodo G5537 which gives an airbrushed finish but tends to fan out or Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Small Blush Brush which is dense and makes blending a breeze.  Elf’s Small Stipple Brush is a bargain but sometimes creates fine lines so you may find yourself needing to go in with makeup song like the BeautyBlender.


A few things to consider

The order in which you apply is up to you.  I personally like to apply it after foundation but before setting powder.  *But Krissy doesn’t this make the glow more matte?* It does and I am okay with that.  If I’m going foundation-free then applied over sun block.  The more emollient ones can be less forgiving with bright photo flash, even the flash form a cell phone so blending and application is key.  Take some test shots and see for yourself.


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