Interesting Moments from the 2014 BET Awards


NOTE:  BET has all the videos set to automatically play.  My apologies for the tackiness.

For some reason the BET Award shows brings us together on social media like no other show can… and I loved every single moment of it!  Even if the show is bad (this one was pretty good) it’s so much fun to watch when you’re using Twitter.

Interesting moments of the show:

For some odd reason BET thought it would be really cool if Floyd Mayweather presented for the category of Best Female Hip Hop Artist.  The jokes just write themselves.
Annnnnddd Nikki tossing palm tree of shade … it could be aimed at anyone but most are saying it was at Iggy which is her biggest competition right now.  It just comes off as a tad jealous since she talked about hip hop being such a male dominated industry then went to throw shade at another female artist… unless she was talking about one of the guys.


Reginae brings defines ratchet.  She’s young … she wasn’t disrespectful just having fun.  Speaking of Reginae, she was just named the junior ambassador for Hairfinity.  Not sure how I feel about that yet.  I wasn’t young girls to build confidence and not worry about hair growth pills and weaves and learn hair care techniques.  But get your coins, girl!

Young girls lost it when August, Trey and Chris performed and the rest of the world went crazy for the short 90’s R&B set.  Back when men could get up and sing and dance with us and it wasn’t seen as “simping”.


Jennifer Hudson looked pretty damn good from head to toe.

Who didn’t love newcomer Gabi Wilson?

Floyd Mayweather and Bad Medina


Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish



Keke Palmer


Kerry Washington



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