Japonesque Color Collection Brushes and Solid Brush Cleanser Pictures and Preview


Japonesque Color Collection Brushes ($16 – $32)
This five brush collection creates a sensational synergy between beauty product and application by combining Japonesque’s finest quality brush line with the bespoke color collection swirls.  Featuring Lip, Eye Shadow Crease, Eye Shadow Fluff, Foundation and Face Brushes, these brushes will be sure to brighten your daily makeup routine.  Made by a hand gel dipping process, no two brush handles are the same!  With a color by numbers concept, each color collection brush matches the appropriate Japonesque cosmetics gel top product.  For example blue brushes correlate with eye products and their blue gel color tops!


Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser ($20)

Gentle goat-milk cleansing balm that not only cleans brushes from bacteria and makeup buildup but will also deep condition your brushes’ bristles.  The freshly scented solid formula delivers instant mess-free results and is the perfect travel-friendly cleansing companion.  This effective and emollient formula works on both natural and synthetic brushes to cover all your brush cleansing needs.


Available: Ulta and Ulta.com

BP-209 BP-207 BP-206 BP-205 MS-055

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