Jessica Simpson The Signature Fragrance Pictures and Review


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Jessica Simpson The Signature Fragrance review and pictures

You guys didn’t tell me Jessica Simpson was releasing a signature fragrance; which bares the same namesake Jessica Simpson The Signature Fragrance. Geared towards a more mature woman, it really feels like this fragrance was created at thefect time in her life. She’s a mother of 2 toddlers and just tied the knot. The wiugh we might not be growing with her financially we’ve all done a lot of growing up since the release of her first fragrance in 2004. Here we are 10 years later wanting more and she gives us just that with her signature fragrance.

If you loved Fancy, Fancy Love, or I Fancy You you’ll be pleasantly surprised with her signature fragrance. If we’re being honest here most people will do a blind purchase because of her history. The top notes really don’t do this fragrance any justice; lots of crisp apricot, nectarine, and orange blossom. It really takes on a new character when it reaches the middle notes; floral jasmine and tiger lilly. I’m no fan of jasmine but with this blend it made me a believer. As unusual as it sounds you also get a hefty dose of vanilla, tonka beans, chocolate, and sandalwood.
I know it sounds crazy but imagine a sophisticated sexy dessert that’s adorned with an edible flower; it brightens your senses and warms your heart. It’s classic and affordable so you’ll find that it can be worn at the office, hanging with friends, or for date night. My 1 oz eau de parfum was only $30 at Ulta and I could smell it the entire day with only a single application. Jessica has done it again! Got in our heads and figured out exactly what we want.

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