Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans Blast One of Kim Kimble’s Top Hairstylist!


Karrine by Angela at LA Hair
Where do I even start? No really, where?  This can be one big miscommunication issue and in Angela’s defense (which may not be much) coloring weave hair is not an easy task.  You don’t know if the hair was already colored and because of the way the hair is wefted on the tracks you can have porous hair (that takes color better than the rest of the hair) everywhere in different spots.  But Angela Christine Stevens works at Kim ” M-Effin” Kimble’s salon, Kim is the weave whisperer to the celebs.  Both Karrine and Angela rep team ‘No F*cks Given’, so I’m really not surprised that Karrine went straight to her blog to put her on blast.  I’d love to hear Angela’s version of the story.  We’ve seen some nice work from her on the show.  But we all know every story has 3 sides.

Via Karrine’s blog post:

I can’t begin to express how utterly disgusted I am by the ridiculously ratchet job done on my hair at Kimble Hair Studio, here in Los Angeles, all for an episode of LA Hair on WeTV.

This hair makeover meant alot to me. I’ve been bumming around for quite some time now, with the same hairstyle and color and, frankly, I’d been settling deeper into my role of a housewife and band mom over the past year and I was sick of it!

So, when I got the call to participate in an episode of LA Hair, I jumped at the chance to be transformed. I’d just received a beautiful shipment of curly, virgin Indian hair from Sheena’s Hair Emporium, as a gift from the owner, and was anxious to showcase and promote this gorgeous hair. I was also anxious to have a new look for a series of upcoming magazine and book cover photo shoots, just before the holidays.

But, I was very skeptical.

The fact of the matter is that 99.99% of weave wearers are walking around with horrible installs, but, you don’t know any better because 99.99% of stylists are utter trash. Just because someone works in a salon or, works in a salon on television, does not make them good, much less great.

I have met many, many stylists and weavelogists over the past seven years during my tours and travels and there are only two people I know who can install a weave with zero flaws.


Angela Stevens butchered this hair. Look at this color, striped instead of blended! And look at that fucking cut! I know a second grader with a dull pair of safety scissors who could have done a better job! The ends were fried from over processing and the scalp piece was dyed black, completely negating the idea of having a flesh colored scalp piece in order to make the hair look natural when it falls.

And don’t get me started on the stitching!

I’ve never had a weave in which the tracks can be seen. Tracks are supposed to be sewn under and hidden around the perimeter, not sewn flat onto the braid and visible, as Angela had done. Her remedy for this was to leave out a large patch of my hair around the perimeter, making it impossible to blend. With the sewing pattern to which I have grown accustomed, barely any hair is left out since the tracks are sewn to look as if the added hair is growing right from your scalp!


I was very displeased with the styling and embarrassed by the way Angela ruined this beautiful hair. When I asked Angela to correct her mistakes, she replied, “Sometime next week,” citing her days off. Well, with mistakes this disgusting, she didn’t deserve any days off and I was appalled that I’d have to wait around several days before she would rectify these atrocities.

I was forced to cancel my photo shoots and my business schedule and plan suffered.

I removed the hair and shoved it in a bag, just to realize the trim Angela gave my natural hair was also poorly done, leaving me with blunt, square layers.

I am fucking devastated.

So, for those of you wondering where my “new look” has gone, you can blame Angela Stevens and Kimble Hair Studio for snatching the idea of a fabulous new me right out of my hands.

And this is why I hate mediocrity.

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