Songs from Scratch: Kelela & Tink “Want It” [Produced by DJ Dahi] for Adidas & Yours Truly


Kelela Tink DJ Dahi Want It
Y’all know Kelela is all bae in my eyes and everything she touches is just pure gold and ear-gasms. Hey I’m allowed to stan for an artist!
I saw hints about her being in the studio but wasn’t sure of the details. Kelela, Tink, and DJ Dahi collaborated on “Want It” for the Adidas + Yours Truly “Songs From Scratch” campaign that brings artists together to create music. Usually it’s artists that you wouldn’t usually see working together but the results have been music to my ears.

“Want It” tells the story of a girl that’s still feeling her ex that’s now with a new girl….but he’s not off limits.

“Your body is telling me yes
It’ll be hard if we try to resist
Don’t be afraid to get closer to me
Got everything that you wanted to see
You said you would give me your best
Is this a love thing or just a test
Don’t be afraid to get close to me
….You want it…You want it”

Can any of you guys relate to this situation? Leave an anonymous comment below and let me know.

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